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Vision Board Workshop Ticket | Live Event - June 10th

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Join Sarah Foster as she (uh, me - hi!) shares how to create a digital vision board LIVE on Monday, June 10th, from 6 -- 7pm at Amy's Bridal Boutique in Richland, Washington.

Manifest your life and biz goals. Visualize the right thing to make your dreams h-a-p-p-e-n. Leverage the power of a vision board. Learn how to create a digital board that you can take anywhere (including the bathroom stall at work) and feel effin inspired and motivated to manifest your dream life and business.

You’ve had this dream that you just can’t stop thinking about. You want to make it happen, but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. You’ve tried doing DIY self-help, but you’re ready to have someone help you see what you can’t.

I love helping women. I know how important it is to have someone to talk to…

- who is supportive and encouraging
- who makes you feel like you're not bat-shit crazy and that you’re actually going to achieve what you want
- to help you stay focused and motivated (no matter what)

And listen, I could do this 👆 for you for 60 minutes, but a vision board is all of that and a bag of chips.

Affirmations are powerful at boosting self-confidence when you feel like shit.

Visualization is an incredible substitute when you feel like no one gets you and your dreams. It acts as a personal sounding board that says, "Bitch, you can have and do what you want. It's possible. And it's coming."

I’ve helped dozens of women overcome paralyzing fear and get into a state of hope and possibility. You know what happens? …they’re dreams.

I LOVE helping women manifest what they want. I love helping women who are just as hungry as I am.

SNAG A SEAT! tickets and space are limited!

- 60-minute live training
- bottled water (also sparkling because #fancy)



I learned that while images are great, using them ineffectively will create distraction and confusion when trying to manifest. Totally feeling “duh” throughout this entire series but SO STOKED to finally realize it!!! 

I realized this this needs to be a tool I use. And the idea or energy behind the picture has to speak to ME, and that picking what I "should" pick won't do anything ..... 

So much - why they’re called Vision Boards, the three different types (it’s more than collages!) and practical tools for making the boards

I learned a lot about different types of vision boards as well as how to find and select images that TRULY align with me. I never realized how certain images can look great but end up making me feel a different sort of way once I really get a good look at it. 

Ah-ha moments re: using pictures that evoke emotion, and using a medium (technology) that is portable (versus paper) so I can look at/meditate on my vision board anywhere, any time!

I paid $90 to go to an all day vision board workshop. It was fun but I didn’t learn as much as I learned in this course.

I'm really excited to start putting all this together. I've never made a board before and I have been working SO hard this year to change my life in SO many ways!! I think this will help take me to the next level!!!!!!! 

This course got down to the brass tacks of vision boards - what they are, why they work (or don’t), and how to create a practice of vision boards (not just a one-off craft project). Vision boards always seemed a little woo-woo, somewhere between an art project and hocus pouch, but after this course, I understand why they are so powerful and how to harness that energy

I really learned so much from this course! I already knew how to use Pinterest, save images, and create a collage. But, this course forced me to REALLY look at the images I'd pinned and break them down to see if they truly aligned and connected with what I wanted to achieve. I never really thought about the emotional part of vision boards before this course and it changed the way I think, not only in terms of vision boards and images, but also in understanding WHY I want and am drawn to certain things. 

I have to say I Felt like I already had a pretty good handle on the whole vision board thing. But taking this course really opened up my eyes to different versions, different mediums and different ways of thinking. I hadn't given so much thought in the past about the emotional response to what I was putting on the board. I would just find a picture of what I was hoping to manifest and throw it up on the board. Sometimes it was an ad for the item or just something that closely resembled what I was looking for. Thinking about the emotional response that the photo evoked was an entirely new way of thinking for me. This is going to be the difference maker in achieving my dreams.

If you are feeling lost or at a crossroads in life or in regards to your career: TAKE THIS MINI SERIES! The “A-Ha!” moments that you’ll receive will be some of the most life changing moments ever! 


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