VISION Course Only | 4-Week Course - Payment Plan

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VISION Course Only | 4-Week Course - Payment Plan
Coaching | One Month - BAD BAD Jewelry
Coaching | One Month - BAD BAD Jewelry
Join VISION, Winter 2021 Edition and create the best damn vision board of your life in this 4-week course. This option DOES not include private coaching. 

By purchasing this option at $99 today, you agree to pay 2 additional invoices of $99 due 30 days and 60 days from your original purchase date. Your card will not be automatically billed. You will need to pay your invoice each time. If you do not complete payment, you forfeit your access to the course and any outstanding coaching calls within the 4-week program.

You WANT to follow your dreams and your heart. You want to jump out of bed every morning because you’re excited about the vision you fell asleep dreaming about the night before. 

You know you have a purpose. You know you have a calling and a destiny that looks a lot effing different than your life right now. You’ve tapped into it, but you’re just not sure what’s next, but you really could use some loving support to see it all through.
It’s been a rough road to get to where you’re at, I get it! Now you’re at a place where you’re ready for more. You want what you've been longing for.

In this one month of the program, you’ll have:
connection to yourself and your future vision
new levels of happiness

There’s a process to creating and fulfilling on a vision for your future. And because of all the men and women I’ve helped, not everyone is the same, but the same principles and practices apply.

Four weeks of this program and you'll learn exactly how to make a vision board that lights YOU up right now so that you can start to picture, imagine, and visualize the outcomes you actually want. So that any action (big or small) feels easy and effortless - which is KEY to manifesting what you want.

Time is the most valuable asset! Now is the time to join. Before the new year - get yourself set up for a badass 2021!


You'll receive a personal message with details on what's coming next. The course will drop on Monday, November 30th on the FULL MOON!

VISION Course Only | 4-Week Course - Payment Plan
Coaching | One Month - BAD BAD Jewelry
Coaching | One Month - BAD BAD Jewelry