CONTENT CALENDAR Virtual Co-Working: Saturday-Slay (Jan 18th @ 11AM PST)

$ 15.00 

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Join the virtual co-working session and get shit done!
Date: Saturday, January 18th, 2020
Time: 11AM PST - 2PM PST (3 hours)
Location: Zoom (download the free app)
A link to the private meeting room will be sent to you prior to the call.

What type of business do I need?
It doesn't matter if you have a business, an idea, or work for someone else. The main focus is getting work done.

What kind of work do you suggest doing during the session?
It depends on what you need done. If you're more productive working quietly with others, then strategically choose a task that you've dreaded.

Here are some work ideas:
- content planning
- bookkeeping
- writing emails
- blogging
- product description
- research
- caption writing
- website updates
- website creation
- planning
What if I don't live locally?
Saturday Slay's are a virtual co-working event. Women from around the world are able to join live by video and audio.

I'm not comfortable being on camera, what do you recommend?
It's not required that you be on camera or speak up, however it is highly recommended. If you're a business owner or have a personal brand, it's in your best interest to get comfortable showing up. This is a safe place for you to practice that since nobody is expecting anything from you.

What if I don't have a buinses or personal brand?
It doesn't matter! This session is for those who want to be accountable to getting work done.

What if I like to work to music or will have background noise?
No problem. So you don't annoy other participants, just mute your microphone during the session. If you have a question or something you'd like to share during our chat times, you can simply unmute during your time.

You are also welcome to type questions or comments in the chat box directly to me, other participants, or the group as a whole.

Why does this event cost money?
You'll have the ability to ask questions, not just of Sarah Foster the owner of a successful online brand, but all the participants as a whole.
The Saturday Slay is like a mini pop-up mastermind that's REALLY affordable.
Fun fact: it's been proven that people value what they've purchased which means you're more than likely to show up and get work done. That's valuable in the game of running an online business. #Action

What if I need to cancel, can I get a refund?
All sales are final. We will not issue a refund, however, message us to request that a credit be applied to an upcoming Saturday Slay event.