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Passive Income Product Workshop | Get Shiz Done in 3 Weeks or Less

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You want to make passive income through creating a single product ONE time, but you don't know..
1. How to put it together
2. How to make it pretty
3. How to make it available for purchase
4. How to get it to your customer
Oh girl, I gotchu... join the course and I'll simplify all 4 of those things for you.

What I'll cover:
  • Ideas on what type of product you can offer and create
  • Tech set up
  • How to create pdfs
  • Resources for easy graphics (if ya need 'em)
  • steps that take you from idea to start to finish to launch
  • pricing (i forgot to mention this in the video)
  • how to accept payment
  • who your ideal audience is for your product so you  know how to market it
  • a brief overview of setting up a funnel otherwise known as a welcome series
  • how to deliver your product
  • different content types and what's going to work for you
By the end of this, you'll walk away with a passive income product that's ready to generate income - you just need to do the work during this 2-3 week workshop!
(PS. The testimonials are from peeps I've worked with in a variety of capacities, obviously, these aren't testimonials for THIS course, but for those who like to hear from others who've worked for me - those are for you!)
We'll also go over launching your product before it's pretty or perfect because I know this will come up! 
Who this workshop is for:
  • peeps who already have a biz
  • are about to start one
  • curious AF ladies who just want to learn how
  • women who know they want to start a biz, but don't know what yet but they still want to learn how to create a passive income product
  • individuals who sell MLM products
If you're in business selling physical products, digital products, services, coaching, or are a freelancer - this will all apply.
Who this isn't for:
> non-action takers (booooo) 
The course will be delivered over 2 to 3 weeks (it just depends on how fast the students implement).
It includes live q&a's and a private Facebook group for er'body to share their ideas, learn, network (if that's your jam) and get ideas.
Community is powerful when you're tryna get shit done. And that's what this is all about.
I'll deliver the modules inside the group and via email. This includes video and worksheets.
It's only $300 - and I don't say "only" in a sleezy marketing way.
I say it because it's important to see these things as investments. If you do the work, you're going to make it back either soonish or in the long run. 
While you figure out what you can offer, create it, and start setting it up - you get access to me. I'll be helping you along the way and providing further ideas and brainstorming sessions when you feel stuck.
This isn't a one size fits all. Everyone has a different business, idea, and angle - I'm committed to making sure you walk away with a product that you're so effin excited about that you can't help but share it... and sell it, duhhhh.
Do you know how good it feels to wake up to sales? It's seriously nice to have the extra income to cover bills, or make small investments in your biz. 
I'm totally committed to your success as we dive deep into this. To make this the best experience, my request is that you ASK questions to help you get shit done.
Oh yeah, I need to name this workshop...
Let's see - Passive Income Product Workshop: Get Shiz Done in 3 Weeks or Less
Sound good?
Let's do this!
(ping me for payment options)

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