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I AM THE STORM Earrings / 100% Harvey Hurricane Proceeds

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100% of proceeds will go to animal shelters aiding in the relief of Harvey Hurricane 

I AM THE STORM is a powerful reminder that we’re capable of rising above any situation, at any moment, and stepping into our power. The design is a mixed with both silver and gold metals, making it easy to layer with any necklace!

This necklace comes attached to the jewelry card pictured, that reads:
The devil whispered in my ear, "You're not strong enough to withstand the storm."
Today I whispered in the devil's ear "I AM THE STORM."

These powerful words are hand stamped in an upper case font.

➊ Materials: (Hooks + Chain) Sterling Silver / 14K Gold Filled | (Charm) Brass / Silver-Nickel
➋ Length: 2.5"
➌ Handmade in USA

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