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Creative Business Coaching | Pre-Recorded Strategy & Instruction

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Get the strategy and insight that you need and want to grow your business!

It's a lot easier to have someone else take a look at your goals, business, and random ideas, to then get solid feedback and direction on how to move forward with your brand and business. It's even better when it's from someone who's in the arena and doing the work.

If you're tired of kicking around your ideas and bouncing them off of friends and family who might not be biz-savvy, and get a real concrete plan and direction about who YOU are in the online world of business and how to leverage your passion, knowledge, and genius creative skill, well I see you

Not knowing how to combine your passion, creativity, goals, and a long-term plan is something I was familiar with when I set out to start a business. It's also something I struggled with a few years after I became successful. I know what it's like to feel stuck.

Once you've purchased this package, you'll be sent a personal email from my team to complete a questionnaire and submit more information about your business, ideas, where you'd like to go, and what questions you really want to be answered.  

After that, this is what you'll get from me in...

- a full-screen video recording with strategy, brand positioning, and clear direction on your answers
- examples to support presented strategies and concepts
- a checklist of suggested and prioritized action items


After you purchase this package, you'll be sent a direct link to complete your form. Within 72 hours of submitting your form, you'll be sent a direct private link to your video along with a checklist

If you're a creative small business owner, you'll want the Creative Small-Business Coaching package.



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