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Mindset & Visualization | Monthly Coaching

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Manifest your goals.

You’ve had this dream that you just can’t stop thinking about. You want to make it happen, but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. You’ve tried doing DIY self-help, but you’re ready to have someone help you see what you can’t.

I love helping women. I know how important it is to have someone to talk to…

- about the scary things that stop you
- who is supportive and encouraging
- who makes you feel like you're not bat-shit crazy and that you’re actually going to achieve what you want
- to help you stay focused and motivated (no matter what)

I’ve helped dozens of women overcome paralyzing fear and get into a state of feeling excited and that their dreams are possible. You know what happens? …they’re dreams. I LOVE helping women manifest what they want. I love helping women who were just as hungry as I am.

- Weekly 60-minute calls for 4 weeks
- Unlimited email access
- Resources specifically designed for you (recorded affirmations, meditations, and more)
- Technical support for things like digital vision board training
- Weekly homework and goals (checklists!) to up-level your success & keep you focused

Now ask yourself… are YOU worth it?

Are your dreams valuable enough to go after?

Prefer to do the payment plan? You'll be charged $147.50 today and two weeks from your original date of purchase. Get the payment plan here.

You'll be emailed more information on how to schedule our weekly calls following your purchase. 

A quantity of 1 = 4 weeks of coaching

If you're a creative small business owner, you'll want the Creative Small-Business Coaching package.



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