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Creative Small-Business | Monthly Coaching

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Get the exact support you need in your creative small-business.

This monthly coaching package isn’t cookie-cutter. Whether you need technical how-to training on how to set up an email newsletter, help and brainstorming with writing your about page, a clear and easy action plan, or a combination of any (or all) of these, you’ve just found it. 

My business was built from the pixelated-ground of my own computer. I help other creative entrepreneurs do the same thing, but with a lot less stress trying to figure it all out. (Eff that ess.)

- Weekly 60-minute calls for 4 weeks
- Unlimited email access
- Resources specifically designed for you (video training and how-tos)
- Weekly homework and goals (checklists!) to up-level your success & keep you focused

I was once in your shoes. I felt stuck working a job I hated under a fluorescent light that slowly sucked my soul out. I thought that climbing the ladder and getting pay raises would be my life.

Then one day, after working in the financial industry for about 3 years as an executive assistant, I went home, drew a hot bath, and started sobbing into the bubbles. Yelling towards the ceiling I asked for an answer to what would clench my thirsty soul and allow me to creatively express what was on the inside and had a meaningful (and profitable) purpose.

Like a brick to the head, the idea to turn my love of making jewelry into a business came to me while my tears merged with the bath water. I knew right then that nothing was going to stop me.

Everything you see online and on social media has been created with my own two hands. From the physical jewelry designs, the photography, graphics, and even all these words. It's all been created up by me. I now coaching other online business to do the same for themselves.

This package includes any mindset work that you’ll need. (Because I just can’t help it!) Having the right positive outlook is vital to knocking an online business out of the park.

Prefer to do the payment plan? You'll be charged $247.50 today and two weeks from your original date of purchase. Get the payment plan here.

You'll be emailed more information on how to schedule our weekly calls following your purchase. 

A quantity of 1 = 4 weeks of coaching

If you're not focused on a business, you'll want the Mindset & Visualization Coaching package.

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