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Black Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace | CLOSE OUT CLEARANCE

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The arrowhead necklace carved from obsidian is energetically a protective stone and a beautiful, eye-catching piece to wear daily. Obsidian acts as a shield to protect from negativity and is also helpful in aiding the release of negativity, frustration, and fear.

Make the chain adjustable + purchase an extension:

Chain Material: Gold Filled / Obsidian
Arrowhead Size: Varies from 3/4 - 1" to 1.25 - 1.5"
Arrowhead Material: Obsidian

"I've always been drawn to Native-American culture. A bit of my heritage is of the Cherokee tribe from my grandmother's side. One of my favorite childhood memories was running through the mountains and thick forests with my brothers when traveling with our family. This is my favorite every day piece, and why I've named it 'Sarah' because energetically I feel deeply connected to the stone and the arrowhead history." SARAH FOSTER, OWNER + DESIGNER 


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