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Tassel Beaded Druzy "Amy" Necklace

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Layer your favorite everyday necklaces with this playful, badass, druzy-tassel necklace.



Design Details:

A mix of 2 types of faceted Onyx stones, of satin and glossy finish, are hand-wire-wrapped with Mother of Pearl beads to make up the intricate beaded chain. Onyx is an energetic stone as it deflects outside negative energy + energy from others. It assists with challenges, is grounding, and diffuses fear and worry.


The number + formation of beads was created in a purposeful pattern of Onyx beads: 8 + 8 + 5. The number symbolizes authority and powerThe number symbolizes courage and being daring. To separate the Onyx beads, the Mother of Pearl attracts prosperity, and the total beads being 6 symbolizes protection and love in a maternal and caring energy.


Stones: Onyx + Mother of Pearl
Chain Length: 40”
Charms + Tassel Length: 5”
Chain Material: Gold Filled


"With a thoughtful approach to making BAD BAD LUX's statement piece, I knew that the right stones, the exact number used, plus the overall aesthetics would need to be carefully selected. It's more than just a necklace. The power resides in the details." Sarah Foster, Owner + Designer 



Handmade in the USA


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