Those dreams are yours to make happen.

The excuses that prevent you from having those dream experiences are yours too - and they're holding you the hell back.

Your over-analyzing, over-thinking, over-indulging in Netflix, yeah, that's all an avoidance.

I'm here to turn dreamers into fucking doers. Are you ready to get shit done?

Do you consider yourself spiritual and/or open-minded? Have you dabbled with the idea of masculine versus feminine energy? Have you set your crystals out in the full moon?

Are you all the above, but also have some level of skepticism? If yes, then keep reading.

Let's be real, you and I both know that crystals are just rocks. They'll be here far beyond our departure from this huge rock called Earth that's hurdling through space. Your crystals don't need to be charged, but YOU do.

Yet, it feels good to outsource some of the responsibility and give up control to something greater than ourselves. Whatever you call it, God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, Energy, I don't care.


Not many can hold a candle to what I'm capable of doing for your business and your mindset.
Does that sound egotistical? Good. 

There's no point in denying we all have an ego. I've got one too, and I've also got experience, proof, and a boat load of testimonials from other women to boot. I'm capable of helping you get shit done in your online business because I've done it for my own brand and for countless others. (Okay, I actually did count and there's over 2 dozen at this point.)

And look, I want you to get comfortable as fuck with the things you have achieved. Women often forget what they're capable of doing because we don't want to come off prideful, overly confident, or ego-centric. Bitch, be loud. Be proud. You've earned it.

Here's a list of the shit I can do for you:

web design, graphic design, illustrations, copywriting, branding, logo design, content planning, photography, photo-editing, funnel building, light coding, system creation, outsourcing and recruiting because you need a team and other pro's when it comes to certain things (if I can't do it, I'll support you in finding someone who can and who is a helluva lot better at it than me)


Look, you and I didn't move to San Diego to work from home. As impractical as sand in your laptop's keyboard is, it's still possible to accomplish a sh*t ton while sitting in our chairs, slathered in SPF 70, with a cold-ass drink in hand.

Hate the sand? Cool. Let's meet pool-side at one of the many epic spots throughout the city. I'm all about a rented cabana!

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champagne and cellulite-revealing shorts encouraged