When are the modules released?

All the vision board training modules drop on day one!

How is the course delivered?

Online through Thinkific. You'll have your own secure login. 

When are the group coaching calls?

There are no group-coaching calls for the Winter 2023 round.

Will there be a Facebook group?

Not this round! The price reflects a self-guided and self-paced round of VISION. If you want support, upgrade to the VIP Course & Coaching Combo here.

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

Sorry babe, no refunds. Because all the modules drop at once, you'll have immediate and full access to all my killer content.
I'm here to fully support you as you step into the next big vision of your life so you don't back out.

What if I don't complete all the modules?

No effin worries! You have lifetime access to the course materials.

What if I miss or can't make all the coaching calls?

For the VIP Course & Coaching Combo, you'll be able to schedule them using my calendar booking system at times that work for you. It's okay to reschedule as long as it's within the six-weeks! Sign up to be VIP here.

How long are the coaching calls?

As VIP, you get three 50- minutes calls, unless we go over lol.

In six weeks, you'll design a manifesting mindset.

There’s a process to making your vision become reality,
and because of all the women and men I’ve helped, I know not everyone is the same,
but the same principles and practices apply.

Step 1: Clarity > Visualization Highlights

You need to be clear on what your goal is and feel connected to it on a deep level. In this step, we’ll define what your overall vision looks like and what it is that you and your soul resonate with so you can get in the state of being excited and receptive.

Step 2: Removing Blocks & Fears

Not the most desirable step, but once you can see what’s been holding you back, this process unveils the beauty of you. If you’re afraid of looking at your fears, rest assured you don’t have to do it alone. You’ll be guided and supported throughout this process. You’ll feel lighter and as if you’re beaming with light and energy after this step. Watch out world, because [INSERT YOUR NAME] has harnessed her personal power and energy!

Step 3: Practicing Possibility & Creating Opportunities

With nothing in your way, your mind and heart will be free to see new opportunities and connections that you’ve never seen before. You’ll experience new levels of excitement, you’ll get ideas and downloads of how to turn your dreams into a reality, and become a natural risk taker who enjoys the process of watching your dreams unfold.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

I’m not talking about shampoo here. At this point, you’ll be blown away at the results you’re having. Even though you might be focused on one area of your life, you’ll see a vast improvement in others as well. The momentum you’ll have created for yourself at this time will be contagious. This is where I like to encourage my new BFF’s to let the love, energy, and excitement expand. Author Gay Hendricks talks a lot about upper-limiting. We self-sabotage when things start to get too good because we have these internal thermometers that let us know we’ve reached our limit of feeling good. But when you’re in the world of creating your life, there’s no such thing as “too good.” You’re going to learn how to master the art of visualizing and tapping into your souls calling and your hearts gentle nudges.

Throughout the 4-weeks, we’ll be working on much more:

reconnecting you to your purpose

building your confidence

getting you focused on what matters most

rewiring your beliefs about what's possible

plugging you into your intuition so you can know exactly what your next step is

You’ll walk away from this experience in love with who you are, your vision, and become unstoppable towards achieving your big dreams and goals.

I don’t take this experience or investment in yourself lightly. If you’re considering this self-discovery and manifesting journey, I know that you’re serious about up-leveling. I know you’re willing to lay everything out on the table because you’re ready for a change. You’re tired of living what feels like groundhogs day - living life on f*cking repeat. You feel so damn close to a breakthrough, but you keep running up against a wall, doing the same things over and over and seeing the same results.

When you're about to make a pivot in life (or an investment) I know it can be scary. You wonder things like...

Will it work out?

Is this the right decision for me?

Will I every really be successful?

Will people think I'm for real?

Listen, I know that you’re a leader - you're a strong AF woman. You’re holding the space for everybody else to be great. Who is holding the space for you?

Do you have somebody you can bounce ideas off? Do you have somebody that you can call for breakthroughs of your own?

The love and support you give to others, you also need for yourself.

Stop trying to go it alone when it comes to your own dreams and desires. Envision and manifest with the best damn month of sister-style-support inside VISION.