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Discover how to create a vision board and a 5-second visualization to attract anything you deeply desire
without doubt or wonder how your dreams will manifest


Create a highly magnetic and magical vision board and combine it with 5-second visualization techniques to become a master-manifestor. 


With over 6 board styles and infinite options, discover the perfect combination that works for you right now. When you've manifested what you wanted and you're ready for more, try another style of vision board for a new season of life.


Go beyond the vision board with girlfriend-style guidance and support. You'll receive personalized private coaching during the 4-week program for a more powerful experience.

stop waiting. stop settling. start playing.

Join the 2020 Winter Season Edition of VISION: The Vision Board & Beyond

Had to redo my vision board because I manifested some big things already! My business! I stopped this morning and noticed my vision board and was like "OMG. I did it!" I feel so good; proud, accomplished, but most of all, validated!" 

- Kim, Las Vegas, Nevada


When most people create a vision board, they gather all their dusty-ass magazines, a pair of scissors, glue, and poster board. They sit down with the limited amount of pictures available in Home & Garden, Vogue, and the random local magazine that's mostly pages advertisements. Then they cut and paste the so-so pictures to the space they're restricted to on their small poster board. It's limiting your manifesting ability and restricting your possibilities.

You're a magnetic, powerhouse of a goddess. Stop asking your sister, mom, friends or neighbors for their crusty magazines. Instead, tap into the unlimited digital resources available and create a vision board that has NO boundaries. NO restrictions. NO limitations.

there are over six styles of vision boardS

Are you using the right board for you?

Everyone is - dare I say it - a unique snowflakeNo person or dream is the same.

With more than six different styles of vision boards and countless images, there are infinite number of vision board combinations. Each style serves a different purpose and is either more or less effective based on the person and the desire.

The style of vision board you've made in the past might not work for the current season of your life and what you want to manifest.

The Vision Board Method was developed to help any person, at any time, and in whatever frame of mind or life circumstance, make the best damn vision board possible.

I've used vision boards for over 10 years. I've manifested jobs, pay raises, dream homes, love, money, business ideas, friendships, business collaborations, clients, trips, speaking gigs, and more. 

Even with all that I'd accomplished by visualizing and making vision boards, I wasn't willing to believe they were that effective. My denial kept me looking for something better.

Yet in all my years of searching and investing tens of thousands of dollars of my own money into programs, courses, coaching, books, seminars and mentorships, into self-help and mindset transformation, I haven't found anyone teaching the powerful depth and width of creating and using a vision board to help manifest big and small dreams. 

No one is teaching or coaching beyond the technical how to of making your own board. There's so much more that can be done with boards, including the mindful art of imagination to generate expectation, courage, inspiration, trust, taking inspired-action, and the knowing or belief that what you've asked for is on it's way to you.

Despite my attempts to find the thing that will change it all for me, I always always turn to the Vision Method. Vision is what works, not just for me, but for my clients too.

The best part is, it doesn't take a lot of work once you know how to do it. You don't have to declutter, write at a gratitude list, forgive yourself or others. You don't need to do meditation on a mountain in a rain forest, or journal your brains out until your fingers cramp up. 

The vision method is so fast that you can vastly change the trajectory of your life within seconds - even while you're walking through the parking lot to the grocery store (true story, it just happened for me.)

In a matter of seconds you can dramatically shift your mood, state of mind, energy, and suddenly see ways to get what you want, have a light bulb moment about someone you need to talk to, or get a clear sign of somewhere you need to go. 

What's included:

Videos & More

You'll create the most magnetic and magical vision board and combine it with 5-second visualization techniques to become a master-manifestor. Discover all the possible combinations and styles of boards that you can create so that whatever season of life you're in, you know how to create the right board for you. This is the most comprehensive, in-depth board creation training available anywhere.

Private Coaching

An addition to the videos, trainings, and workbooks, you'll also receive 3 private coaching sessions with Sarah during the 4-weeks. Go deeper and with profound breakthroughs with private coaching calls.

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to all the videos, resources, materials, and bonuses foreva. Even the updates!


As an extra bonus, you'll have exclusive access to a private Facebook group for additional support, encouragement, and a community of other badass women!

you have the power to manifest what you desire most

Reasons to Use a Vision Board & Visualization

- courage to take action

- excitementfor your future

- focuson what you deeply desire

- motivation

- daily inspiration

- feel really damn good

- see more opportunities than you thought possible

- create true confidence

- personal conviction

- You begin to expect and see daily miracles

- Reduced stress and worry

- Creates better focus

- Improves productivity

- Connects you with yourself more

Want to know the real secret
to making the best damn vision board?

Feeling really damn good.

That's it.


✔ pleasure

✔ blissed out

✔ in flow

✔ orgasmic 

✔ juicy 

✔ 'I want what she's having' 

✔ stoked

✔ elated 

✔ excited 

✔ happy

✔ over the moon

✔ high as a f*cking kite


winter SEASON enrollment NOW OPEN


In the quiet stillness of winter, the soul has it's way of sorting and recalibrating to itself. This year is no different.
With distance and time feeling greater than ever before, this winter is the perfect time for a big life-pause to deeply and meaningfully connect to what you most long for and your true self, as you become a master at manifesting.

It's the grand opening season for VISION. For those who sign up as this year's winter season pass holders, you'll have exclusive and first time access to the entire Vision Board Method training, community support of other season pass holders, and receive private coaching for the best rate that will ever be available.

You don't have to wait for the new year to create a vision board. Manifest now.

THE seven major benefits of JOINING Vision

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You’ve taught me to dream big but also break things down into what needs to happen in stages so it's not overwhelming. It’s crazy how you know what would work for me and what wouldn’t. It's so nice to have guidance and encouragement. If there's anyone who believes in making dreams a reality, it's Sarah because it really is possible.

- Kelly, Kennewick, Washington

The passion Sarah exudes to see other women succeed is contagious! Every time we [connect] I leave energized and with a renewed vision for my purpose. I love and appreciate how she brings honest and productive feedback while allowing me to authentically let it rip in her presence. She is an absolute gem and embodies empowerment.

- Tara, Richland, Washington

Sarah keeps it real. Her communication style is relatable and advice is doable. And underneath it all, her approach to helping others clearly comes from a genuine desire to get people closer to where they want to be.”

- Jessica, Portland, Oregon

I always turn to Sarah for inspiration, guidance and loving support.  She's creatively guided some of the biggest business decisions I've made this year and I could not be more grateful.  Most importantly, Sarah is one of those rare women who will never, ever give up. She's been blessed with vision and gifts that not only support women but have the potential to change the world.

- Megan, Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Foster has a way about her that is always inspiring. Having her be a mentor of mine for over a year has been so incredibly valuable. I am so excited that she has captured her process to share with other women! She is full of vision and I can't wait to see how she shares it. I want what she has!”

- Julie, Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Foster inspires me with her mission-driven enthusiasm to help others truly step into their greatness and believe in their own power (even when they don't see it themselves). You can feel her deep belief in others. She is a true leader guided by heart, guts and truth.

Sarah is a breath of fresh, real air and a pleasure to connect and learn with, always.

I love me some Sarah Foster, the world needs more of her!!”

- Jen, Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarah is one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. Her passion and drive for excellence are so contagious. Being around her, or even just reading something she has written, motivates me to go for it! The atmosphere around her is electric with excitement, optimism and expectation. She knows it’s important to have connections with others who will encourage us to believe in ourselves and our dreams, and she has tools to help us get what we want! She’s been in our shoes and knows what it feels like to overcome fears and hopelessness and move into a place where dreams become reality. If anyone could propel me into the place where the desires of my heart become manifest, it’s Sarah.”

- Ellen, Vancouver, British Columbia

What's possible?

Past clients have attracted and manifested a vast variety of things in less than a week:

★ an extra six hundred dollars

★ a dream car after years of wishing for it

★ unexpectedly turned a failing marriage into a loving, passionate and healthy partnership 

★ a dream business and a part time job that gave her financial security and peace of mind while she started her new business

★ confidence in place of fear when re-entering the dating scene


Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Vision Board & Visualization

This is the most in-depth, comprehensive programs

Dear Diary,
I don't want to fight Mike Tyson.

Dear Diary,

Things have been difficult this year. My relationships, my work, finances - everything feels like it's gone to shit.

I want my life back, but not how it was. And yet, I'm not totally sure what I want it to look like. 

I just don't want to feel like all this sh*t anymore.








I saw an old picture that reminded me of who I was when I was happy. When I felt like myself. When I felt untouchable.

Now I'm overly concerned about what others are thinking. I obsess about my future, but only seem to think of it negatively. 

My hope and excitement has subsided. 

Motivation? Yeah, right.

The moment I step out of bed my whole body feels achy. When I walk to the bathroom I can hear my joints pop and readjust. This whole 'disjointed' feeling, it's manifested physically in my body.

Clearly my life as a whole is out of alignment, but I don't know where to go next. 

A lifeline would be helpful. 

A map or a guide to get through this would be nice. 

Shit, even a damn flashlight showing me what's next would be superb.

I'm stuck. I'm lost. I'm scared. And I feel alone in all of this.

Mostly I'm scared for my future. I have no idea what it entails and it's uncomfortable for me to talk about it with friends and family. 

It seems everyone is going through their own shit right now and I don't want to burden them with my own stuff. 

How do I do this?

How do I get through all of this and to the other side without feeling like I just went through 8 rounds with Mike Tyson?

Is it possible to shift my perspective?

It is possible to actually feel good in the midst of this shit-storm?

Can I make it through this?

Can I more than make it through? Can I come out on f*cking top and with a bag of chips? Mmm chips. Yeah, actually no, no chips. 

Can I become someone amazing without the normal comforts and bad habits that I've picked up along the way? 

Can I totally shift my entire life and be who the f*ck I've always known myself to be?

Can I become the best version of myself in the midst of this disaster?

I know I can. 

Somehow I know that I can. 

I just can't see it yet.

Can it be shown to me?...

Your Intuition Knows Her Sh*t

If life sucks right now, it doesn't have to.

This might sound whack in your current state of mind, but envisioning a future that lights you the hell up is the answer.

Well, it's the answer if you're ready to let go of fear, doubt, worry, anxiousness, and replace it with feeling really damn good.

If you're not ready for that then DO NOT keep reading.

create a vision & a board

Typically known as a way to manifest dreams and goals when a woman is feeling good, a vision board is highly potent when it comes to the sh*tty seasons in life too.

A vision board is a stress reliever and anxiety reducer.

It's a way to take your mind off things and focus on what makes you happy.

Let's use a house as an example, specifically one of the bathrooms.



Much like a home has areas, so does your life. Focusing on one facet at a time, imagining and visualizing what you desire creates a natural flow and process for manifestation.


Everything You Need to Know About Vision Boards & Visualization

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Time to let go!

‣ Detox from self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness.

‣ Detox from feeling like your best it isn't good enough.

‣ Detox from the bullshit and drama.

‣ Detox from the heavy shit that weighs you down.

‣ Detox from doing everything for everyone else instead of taking care of you.

Repair & restore

Take back your confidence. Feel like your big ass dreams are actually f*cking possible. Become the leader you've always known you were. Feel excited to wake up each morning! Feel so damn good being you that negativity can't touch you with a 10 foot pole.

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