everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of your own limits

YOUR MIND HAS no bounds

let's get real

imagine being free


      ...of limitations           





            concern of judgement

      your past












can you imagine





















use your gifts









stop focusing on what you don't want

envision what you want







are you ready?




A life changing & MAGICAL




A Mindful & Magical Month of Manifesting

Create a Vision & a Vision Board

Discover how to create a vision board and a 5-second visualization to manifest more
without doubt or wondering how it's going to happen


With over 6 vision board styles and infinite picture options, discover the perfect combination that works for you right now

When you've manifested what you wanted and you're ready for more, try another style of vision board for a new season of life.


You'll learn how to combine create a highly magnetic and magical vision board with a short-and-sweet visualization techniques to become a master-manifestor and totally change your life.


Go beyond the vision board with guidance and support as you immerse yourself in your vision, and marinate in the possibility and experience of having your desires. You'll receive private coaching during the 4-week program as you navigate what stops you and what makes you most come alive. Road blocks are inevitable - you'll have access to new detours for a better, empowering mindset.

Had to redo my vision board because I manifested some big things already! I stopped this morning and noticed my vision board and was like "OMG. I did it!" I feel so good; proud, accomplished, but most of all, validated!" 

- Kim, Las Vegas, Nevada


When most people create a vision board, they gather all their dusty-ass magazines, a pair of scissors, glue, and poster board. They sit down with the limited amount of pictures available in Home & Garden, Vogue, and the random local magazine filled mostly with advertisements. Then they cut and paste the so-so pictures to the space they're restricted to on their small poster board. It's limiting your manifesting ability and restricting your possibilities.

You're a magnetic, powerhouse of a goddess. Stop asking your sister, mom, friends or neighbors for their crusty magazines. Instead, tap into the unlimited digital resources available and create a vision board that has NO boundaries. NO restrictions. NO limitations.

Your coaching couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I was struggling. 

I initially approached wanted help with going through a marital separation. I asked you to help me work through the difficulties in the breakdown in my marriage, to focus on effective co-parenting, as well as how to move forward in my life (including preparing myself for healthy relationships). 

I began our coaching experience seeking support from my marital breakdown, but midway through our coaching I had a major shift. All of the love, compassion and patience that replaced my hurt and anger brought me to a place where I was actually able to reconcile with my husband and we were able to shift from divorce negotiations to working together to save our marriage. 

- Miranda, Ontario, Canada

Miranda's Case Study - Before & After

What were you hoping for or expecting?

My initial hope was to define my specific goals, increase my capacity to manifest these goals and add more “tools to my toolbox” so to speak.

What was life like before our calls?

Sarah’s coaching couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I was struggling.

I initially approached Sarah asking for help with going through a marital separation. I asked her to help me work through the difficulties in the breakdown in my marriage, to focus on effective co-parenting, as well as how to move forward in my life (including preparing myself for healthy relationships). We discussed how I could become the woman I needed to be to be a great mom and great partner for the next man in my life. We also specifically discussed visualization of what this man might be like, how the relationship would feel, and what my new life would be like. I also expressed how I felt my shyness in new social situations might hold be holding me back personally (in making new friends or meeting potential partners) and professionally in my job.

In what ways have you grown or changed and how has your life improved? 

Sarah helped me to uncover several truths about myself. The first was that I was letting hurt and anger control my actions. She helped me to realize my toxic mindset- that I was living as if my situation with my husband was like a chess game (always trying to figure out my next move in order to achieve “victory”) instead of thinking of the overall goals. She helped me to develop positive goals, teaching me to visualize and focus what I wanted to achieve- positive co-parenting, happy children, a woman who has it all together, and a great love that was waiting for me.

The second truth was that I expect a lot from others (myself included) - sometimes too much. So I started to be more compassionate and focused on approaching all situations in my life from a place of love and compassion. It was through these two big lessons that I was able to set aside my hurt and anger and approach my life situation with a perspective of compassion. This changed my path over the course of our coaching time together in a significant way.

Lastly, the third truth was that I was building up the idea of social situations and they really weren’t as scary as I had feared. Sarah challenged me to take advantage of situations and make them into social experiments - such as challenging myself to talk to strangers in line at the store, conducting entire conversations only by asking questions, and just genuinely being interested in what funny or interesting things may fall out of people’s mouths.

I began our coaching experience seeking support from my marital breakdown, but midway through our coaching I had a major shift. All of the love, compassion and patience that replaced my hurt and anger brought me to a place where I was actually able to reconcile with my husband and we were able to shift from divorce negotiations to working together to save our marriage. I continued to work with Sarah while my husband and I worked together with a marriage counselor, forging ahead with healing together, forgiving the past and establishing new ways to share and express love to each other. Imagine my surprise when I realized that when Sarah and I were discussing my “dream guy”, it turned out I was manifesting the man I was already married to!

What was the best part of this for you? 

The best part of this for me was the realization that through changing my mindset I was truly able to improve my situation and manifest the happiness and love I was seeking, and it was already right in front of me. 

What areas of your life have improved as a result of working with me, and how? 

What areas of your life have improved as a result of working with me, and how? 

What was the specific key-takeaway or ah-ha moment? 

My key ah-ha moment was when I came out on the other side of hurt and anger and realized I still loved my husband. After practicing compassion and focusing on coming from a place of love whenever I was dealing with our divorce proceedings, one night when we were spending time with our boys together I looked at my husband and felt love. I messaged Sarah immediately and told her what happened. Essentially, we concluded that once all the hurt and anger was set aside, the love still remained there and I hadn’t been able to see it because I had spent so long playing an angry/hurt chess game. There is no doubt in my mind that without Sarah’s coaching and assistance in helping me uncover these multiple truths that I would have continued on the path to divorce, driven by my anger and pain.

How could your experience, or the experience of my future clients, be improved?  

No suggestions. Despite my crammed schedule and our time zone differences, I was able to connect with Sarah regularly through multiple mediums of technology. Sarah is knowledgeable and listens so intently (even to the things you DON’T say,) and is able to thoughtfully offer coaching, resources and ideas to test or practice based on your experiences and goals. She is able to recognize and celebrate your gifts and talents but isn’t afraid to give that much needed tough-love when you’re being stubborn or not reaching your true potential.

Sarah is an unbelievable coach and a beautiful, wonderful person. I am so grateful for her insight and talents that helped me to reach this level of self awareness.

If you were to describe this experience to your friends, what would you tell her? 

I would tell her- “prepare to be open and honest, to work hard and give your absolute best effort... then prepare to be amazed at what you can achieve when Sarah helps you to reach your full potential!”

there are over six styles of vision boardS

Are you using the right board for you?

Everyone is - dare I say it - a unique snowflakeNo person or dream is the same.

With more than six different styles of vision boards and countless images, there are infinite number of vision board combinations. Each style serves a different purpose and is either more or less effective based on the person and the desire.

The style of vision board you've made in the past might not work for the current season of your life and what you want to manifest.

The Vision Board Method was developed to help any person, at any time, and in whatever frame of mind or circumstance, make the best damn vision board possible.

I've used vision boards and visualization for over 10 years. I've manifested love, jobs, pay-raises, dream homes, money, business ideas, friendships, business collaborations, clients, trips, speaking gigs, and more. 

Even with everything I'd accomplished by visualizing and making vision boards, I wasn't willing to believe they were that effective. My denial kept me looking for something better and more effective.

In all my years of searching and investing tens of thousands of dollars with my own money into programs, courses, coaching, books, seminars and mentorships, into self-help and mindset transformation, I haven't found anyone teaching the powerful depth and width of creating and using a vision board to help manifest small and big, wild, crazy ass dreams. 

No one is effectively teaching or coaching beyond the technical how to of making a vision board. There's so much more that can be done with boards, including the mindful art of imagination to generate expectation, courage, inspiration, trust, taking inspired-action, and the knowing or belief that what you've asked for is on it's way to you.

Despite my attempts to find the one thing that would change it all for me, I always ALWAYS turned to the Vision Method I'd developed.

Then I started sharing it with friends and clients. Vision is what works, not just for me, but for everyone willing to see beyond their limited viewpoint that's kept them small, stuck, and stressed.

The best part is, it doesn't take a lot of work once you know how to do it. You don't have to write at a gratitude list, declutter, forgive yourself or others. You don't need to do meditation on a mountain top in a rain forest, or journal your brains out until your fingers cramp up. 

The Vision Method is so fast that you can change your ability to manifest in just seconds - even while you're walking through the parking lot to the grocery store (true story, I do this all the time.)

In a matter of seconds you can dramatically shift your mood, state of mind, and energy to suddenly see new opportunities to manifest what you want, have a light bulb moment about someone you need to talk to, or get a clear sign of somewhere you need to go. 

you have the power to manifest what you desire most

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that we met. I fucking love you to pieces and am so grateful to have you in my life. I want you to know that you have been such a big light and have been incredibly motivational, inspirational, and how much I have appreciated how you have seen me for who I truly truly am. I appreciate our relationship, but most importantly really value the friendship that has come from all of it. Anyway, didn’t mean to get all gushy but just wanted you to know YOU are a LIGHT in my life and I am eternally grateful 🙏

- Anonymous Private Coaching Client

This was incredible! She gives the most relevant and honest advice out there while at the same time being supportive. She’s helped me take my work to the next level and elevate me so I can be more successful at what I already had inside. Her guidance is amazing. She really gets it.

- Ashley, Los Angeles, California

I now feel so much more confident, defined and driven to restart my new brand to share the knowledge, skills and talent that I have to help others I highly recommend Sarah! Be prepared to get a new BFF out of your mentorship too! 

- Kim, Las Vegas, Nevada





Combined Vision Board Course and Coaching Option

this option includes private coaching for powerful results 

for business and life

Best value for course & coaching

Payment option for course & coaching (total $891)


Vision Board Course Only Option

Want to just create an epic vision board? Select this option!
This option does not include private coaching.

Best value for Course Only

Payment option for Course Only (total $297)

what's included:


Why Vision is Key

This is the most important step in the entire process and what you need to know BEFORE selecting the first picture for your vision board.

Before you begin, you'll discover the scope and depth that a blank canvas embodies and how to harness that power to manifest quickly.


The Clarity of Vision

Having clarity is the cornerstone that sets you up for certainty and expectation. Expecting is also KNOWING that what you want is on it's way. It requires less worry and very little faith. Knowing is powerful and a major part of the process.

Do you really know what you want? Maybe you do right now, but what happens when you start to doubt your desires and ask yourself "Wait, do I want this?"

There are various ways to arrive at clarity. Regardless of whether you're clear right now or not, you'll ALWAYS have the tools to distinguish clarity.


What Board Style is Right for You?

With over six different board styles, countless images available online, there are infinite possibilities to the boards that you can make. 

There's a board style for every season of your life. Whether you're excited about your future, in the midst of a difficulty, or simply have a short term goal you'd love to reach, there is a right board for you and a certain way to use it.

In this module you'll learn about each one and immediately know what is going to work best for you in this season of your life. 


Image Alignment & Selection

There is a secret formula to selecting the images that go on your vision board that nobody else is talking about. You'll discover that exact formula in this module that will be a GAME CHANGER for every single vision board that you create for the rest of your life.

With examples of what doesn't work and what does, you'll know exactly what to look for. 

You'll also learn how to tap into your INTUITION and tell if an image is right for your board in less than a few seconds so that you don't have to waste time or put together a vision board that doesn't feel good, magnetic, or magical. 


Collecting & Curating Your Board

Oh the places you will go on your journey of collecting and curating your vision board. In all the years of vision boarding, I've found the best places and RESOURCES to gather vision board images.

You'll have DIRECT ACCESS to these same resources as well. 

No more magazines. No more wondering where to find the best images for you. The search is over!


Your Board Creation

No paper. No glue. No scissors. This is where it all comes together. With so many different ways of creating a vision board that YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU ANYWHERE, you'll find the perfect way to create a vision board FOR YOU.

Whether you consider yourself to be tech-savvy or not, you'll have a step-by-step tutorial on designing your vision board straight from your phone, tablet, or computer.

With a multitude of paid for and FREE software that you can use to create your board, you'll be able to pick which is the best one for you. You don't have to research your brains out just to figure out how to create a board. You get to just focus on the fun parts.


Seeing it All Happen

A concentrated, 5-seconds of imagining your dreams manifested is simple, but the path to get there isn't easy. Once you're able to unlock the vision within, your whole world will crack wide open.

This is where the miracles really begin to appear. Now fully equipped, you'll have all the pieces to bring it all together and begin the natural next step of embodying your vision.

Miracles, ideas, divine-downloads, inspiration, signs, gifts - you can expect these things begin to flow as you combine your vision board and visualizing as a daily practice.

You'll discover just how powerful you've always been at manifesting and begin your journey as a mega-manifestor. At this point, you'll have developed a simple practice that you'll be able to nurture, evolve, and expand upon whenever you need it most.


Adding Your Unique Magic

Throughout the program, you'll have uncovered gifts that are so unique to you. Incorporating them into your vision board and visualizing practice will only elevate your energy and manifesting power.

This is the cherry on top and a bonus to what you'll have already received.

speaking of abundance, there's more...

The Alchemy

When you enroll in VISION for Winter 2021, you receive 1:1 mentorship and guidance with me, Sarah Foster.

As you create your vision and make your board(s), inevitably YOU WILL come up against your own mental blocks, self-sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs, fears, and all the doubts. Often times these appear as great big walls that we can't figure out how to climb over, bust through, or get under when we're facing them on our own.

Private calls are designed to look at those head on and gently remove them through the 4-week program. Those great big walls will suddenly appear as harmless speed bumps.

In all the years of using vision boards, investing tens of thousands of dollars of my own money into programs, courses, coaching, books, seminars and mentorships, I've never found someone teaching the width and depth of creating a vision board beyond the technical how to.

Not to mention, the art of using imagination to generate feelings, expectation, inspiration, courage, confidence, belief, and trust.

Yet, both a vision board and visualization practices - or what I refer to as my Vision Method - is what I personally always turn to. VISION is what works, not just for me, but for my clients. And it doesn't take a lot of work once you know how to do it! In a matter of seconds you can dramatically shift your mood, state of mind, and energy. 

The alchemy of mentorship won't always be offered as a part of the VISION program. It's for those who want to be the first to answer the call, who know that this is meant for them and they're ready to step up, be a leader, trailblaze and clear the path for others.

Mentoring includes three 3 private calls that will deepen your visualization experience, remove mental blocks, reduce self-sabotaging habits, and clear out fears that act like speed bumps and massive walls preventing you from having what you want. 

Woman, you are wild.

So are your dreams.

Be witnessed, encouraged, and supported in the pursuit of them.



For centuries the female caribou (also known as reindeer) have led the migration for their species, traveling hundreds of miles over plains and difficult terrain to give way to new life. 

You might be wondering WTF reindeer has to do with the VISION Method. Yeah, I know.

Leaving before male caribou to move North, and give birth in an open field, away from prey, in safety, the creation and manifestation process of a vision mirrors the female caribous journey.

A dream, goal, desire, or vision starts with a small idea or seed. To see it manifest, it requires trusting the process of seed-to-life, following the inherent internal guidance, maintaining the course regardless of the difficulty, and allowing life to come forth in a safe space. It also requires being true to yourself and inherent gift of being a leader - putting yourself out there. Fortunately, as for the caribou, who have carved the deep paths that span hundreds of miles over the northern-terrain, the journey has been charted. It's already been made possible. The rest is up to you.

The VISION Method uses the incredible gift of your imagination to season the soul, submerge, marinate, saturate, incubate, and infuse every gorgeous cell of your body and mind to become unstoppable in your magnetization of what you want (knowing it's possible). When you create a vision and drop yourself into it so that you experience it in your mind, your entire being MUST rework itself to align to that (helping to form new pathways). 

When you pair visualization with a style of vision board that fits YOU best, the powerful combination creates miracles for a your mindset, energy, confidence, and more.

Want to know
the real secret
to making
the best damn vision board?

Feeling really damn good.

That's it.


✔ pleasure

✔ blissed out

✔ in flow

✔ orgasmic 

✔ juicy 

✔ 'I want what she's having' 

✔ stoked

✔ elated 

✔ excited 

✔ happy

✔ over the moon

✔ high as a f*cking kite


When are the modules released?

Every Monday with some exceptions to additional modules. 

How is the course delivered?

Online. You'll use your own email address and password to access the modules.

When are the private coaching calls?

Wednesdays and Thursdays. You'll be able to select a time that works for you. Requests can be made for special cases.

Will there be a Facebook group?

No. Not at this time. There WILL optional group calls for those who want a sister-circle type of support. Calls be pre-scheduled and recorded for replay. 

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

Sorry babe, no refunds. I'm here to fully support you as you step into the next big vision of your life so you don't back out.

What if I don't complete all the modules in a month?

No effin worries! You have lifetime access, even as the course is updated.

What if I miss or can't make all the coaching calls?

You'll have access to reschedule your private coaching calls within the 4 week period.

How long are the coaching calls?

45 minutes. You'll be sent a quick call-intention questionnaire so you're as clear on what you want: a breakthrough, questions answered, brainstorming, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, or just to chat. You get to set the intention, and I hold the space for you to flourish in it.


Is VISION for you?

Learn more about the program and if this is for you...

is not just about creating a board to help you manifest what you want next. It's about deepening your own practice and rituals so that you always have the tools to attract what you want. Whether you're ready to manifest something new again in a few months or in the decades to come.  

There’s a process to creating and fulfilling on a vision for your future. And because of all the men and women I’ve helped, not everyone is the same, but the same principles and practices apply.

Four weeks of this program, plus coaching, we'll cover the following with different variations based on your needs.

Step 1: Clarity > Visualization Highlights

You need to be clear on what your goal is and feel connected to it on a deep level. In this step, we’ll define what your overall vision looks like and what it is that you and your soul resonate with so you can get in the state of being excited and receiving your desires.

Step 2: Removing Blocks & Fears

Not the most desirable step, but once you can see what’s been holding you back, this process unveils the beauty of you. If you’re afraid of looking at your fears, rest assured you don’t have to do it alone. You’ll be guided and supported throughout this process. You’ll feel lighter and as if you’re beaming with light and energy after this step. Watch out world, because [INSERT YOUR NAME] has harnessed her personal power and energy!

Step 3: Practicing Possibility & Creating Opportunities

With nothing in your way, your mind and heart will be free to see new opportunities and connections that you’ve never seen before. You’ll experience new levels of excitement, you’ll get ideas and downloads of how to turn your dreams into a reality, and become a natural risk taker who enjoys the process of watching your dreams unfold.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

I’m not talking about shampoo here. At this point, you’ll be blown away at the results you’re having. Even though you might be focused on one area of your life, you’ll see a vast improvement in others as well. The momentum you’ll have created for yourself at this time will be contagious. This is where I like to encourage my new BFF’s to let the love, energy, and excitement expand. Author Gay Hendricks talks a lot about upper-limiting. We self-sabotage when things start to get too good because we have these internal thermometers that let us know we’ve reached our limit of feeling good. But when you’re in the world of creating your life, there’s no such thing as “too good.” You’re going to learn how to master the art of visualizing and tapping into your souls calling and your hearts gentle nudges.

Throughout the 4-weeks, we’ll be working on much more:

reconnecting you to your purpose

building your confidence

getting you focused on what matters most

rewiring your beliefs about what's possible

plugging you into your intuition so you can know exactly what your next step is

You’ll walk away from this experience in love with who you are, your vision, and become unstoppable towards achieving your big dreams and goals.

I don’t take this experience or investment in yourself lightly. If you’re considering this self-discovery and manifesting journey, I know that you’re serious about up-leveling. I know you’re willing to lay everything out on the table because you’re ready for a change. You’re tired of living what feels like groundhogs day - living life on f*cking repeat. You feel so damn close to a breakthrough, but you keep running up against a wall, doing the same things over and over and seeing the same results.

When you're about to make a pivot in life (or an investment) I know it can be scary. You wonder things like...

Will it work out?

Is this the right decision for me?

Will I every really be successful?

Will people think I'm for real?

Listen, I know that you’re a leader - you're a strong AF woman. You’re holding the space for everybody else to be great. Who is holding the space for you?

Do you have somebody you can bounce ideas off? Do you have somebody that you can call for breakthroughs of your own?

The love and support you give to others, you also need for yourself.

Stop trying to go it alone when it comes to your own dreams and desires. Envision and manifest with the best damn month of sister-style-support inside VISION.

Doors close January 6th @ 6PM PST

enroll now!


⇩ ⇩ ⇩


Combined Vision Board Course and Coaching Option

this option includes private coaching for powerful results 

for business and life

Best value for course & coaching

Payment option for course & coaching (total $891)


Vision Board Course Only Option

Want to just create an epic vision board? Select this option!
This option does not include private coaching.

Best value for Course Only

Payment option for Course Only (total $297)