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Self-love is buying your favorite body wash, even though you might have mere minutes in the shower every day. That one whiff of your honey infused, oatmeal, shea-butter scrub makes you feel so good.

Self-love is opting for the pair of jeans that cost $30 more because it makes you feel like a million dollars and let’s be real, you’re going to wear them for 3 years at least. It’s an investment in your confidence.

Self-love is choosing to get a decaf latte because you hate how you feel at the end of the day after one too many cups of caffeine. Loving yourself is knowing yourself and honoring your limits.

Self-love is getting Uber eats instead of cooking because you need a damn break tonight.

Self-love is when you’re driving the kids to all their effin activities and you choose to put on music that you love.

Self-love is a quick stop at the mirror when you notice how much better you look and feel this week.

Self-love is buying yourself that book because even though you might not have the time to read it right now, it’ll be on your bedside for when you get a minute. 

Self-love is this moment, reading these words and acknowledging that you actually do love yourself and have done most of these... and that you’re taking the time to learn and grow.

Us women need to give ourselves credit for the ways that we already practice self-love on the daily. In fact, mentally highlight the ways you love yourself and choose self-care. As they saying goes, what we focus on expands. 

Focus on what you’ve been doing and allow yourself to indulge and take in the moment next time you practice self-care, because that’s self love. Continue to add to your self-love and care list.

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Fall Feels 🍂 Playlist

Before you keep scrolling, we thought you might enjoy some music while you're here... you know, to get in a fall, self-loving mood.

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket
than all the other seasons."
Jim Bishop

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I was about 34 years old the first time it felt like my whole world was crumbling.

I was on the freeway on my way to a class I was taking at the time. I was crying on the phone with my coach because I didn’t want to fucking go. I was exhausted and stressed out, mentally and emotionally, but if I didn’t go then it probably meant I was avoiding something that I should definitely be working on and I’d be slowing down my progress on becoming a better version of myself.

Phew! Just writing that is exhausting!

Meanwhile, I was still managing being a wife, raising our 5 children who were all still living at home, working part time, going to school full time, working out 5 times a week, cooking and eating all the right things, and participating in a pretty intense personal growth program.

Because you know what they say… you truly CAN have it ALL if you’re willing to DO all that it takes, right?!

I didn’t know any better at the time. I thought that was how it was supposed to be. This was what I needed to do to become the best mom and woman that I could be. I just had to keep pushing through in order to make my mark and be the best that I could be for my family.

Go go go… Keep going, keep pushing, keep doing…

And then go to bed at night completely exhausted and drained - because that was the sign of a mom’s job well done. 

Not an ounce left to tap.

But something shifted that day on the freeway. I was so tapped out that day, in tears, trying to get to my destination, I shouldn’t have even been driving.

I pulled off into a gas station parking lot to finish crying and to breathe. Something had to give. And eventually it did.

Up until that point I had spent my entire life loving everyone else so hard, I never thought for a moment about what it would be like to actually love myself. I had been willing to sacrifice my entire being as a woman to make sure that everyone else was taken care of and that life was on the “right” track. 

I was so caught up in it all that I didn’t even realize I was running myself into the ground, and I was taking my family with me.

It wasn’t long after that when my marriage fell apart and life started to take a different shape.

But it was that new and different shape that eventually led to learning a new and different kind of love - for myself for once.

Sometimes though, things must shatter in order to be put back together.

Now listen, I don’t believe that everything has to fall apart the way that it did for me in order to learn this lesson. Sometimes though, things must shatter in order to be put back together in a more workable way.

And what if we viewed this reckoning as a beautiful path to our power? Could that be such a bad thing?

That day began the most beautiful journey of self love and discovery of my life.

And now I’m here to share the message that you don’t have to do it that way! You don’t have to run yourself into the ground to be nourished AND successful.

If I had known there was another way, I would have started that journey a lot sooner and I could have given my family a more nourished and nourishing version of myself. Thankfully we all get to have that now, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Giving it all without losing it all.

So how do you get there… how do you be someone who is giving her all in life without losing all of herself along the way?

First of all, whoever that person is that you think you’re striving to be - take a deep breath and look in the mirror… 

You’re already her. Breathe that in.

The next step is awareness. Are you running yourself into the ground to be worthy and measure up? If you’re questioning it or you’re not sure, you probably are.

So let’s dig in a little deeper and ask yourself some questions…

Are you lit up and inspired by your life and the path that you’re on? 

If not, why and where can you start to make some shifts? 

A great place to look could be to get reconnected to WHY you’re doing all that you do in the first place. If you’re not sure, it’s time to get some clarity! 

What is your WHY?

Why do you do all of the work that you do? 

Why is it important for you to be your best self? 

Is it your kids/family? Or the relationships in your life? 

Your business, your passion?

Sometimes we lose sight of our bigger picture goals and in this space it’s hard to stay clear and focused.

Where can you take a step back, take a break, cut some things out, re-evaluate and reorganize? Make a list and start where you can.

Consider that you can actually accomplish more by doing less.

Consider that you can actually accomplish more by doing less! I know, I know. This one has taken me a long time to understand. Just trust me and try it!

Often when there’s so much that we want to accomplish, we tend to overfill our schedules and be on the GO all the time. While being busy sometimes feels like we’re getting things done, we might actually just be spinning our wheels.

I have found that the more I make time to just rest and BE, the more inner fuel I have to deal with my life and prioritize on a daily basis. It’s in this calmer state of mind that I can see what really needs to happen instead of just being busy and feeling like everything is important when it’s not!

I have found that the more I make time to just rest and BE, the more inner fuel I have to deal with my life and prioritize on a daily basis. It’s in this calmer state of mind that I can see what really needs to happen instead of just being busy and feeling like everything is important when it’s not!

When your own cup is filled first, it’s easier to give where and who you need and want to give to. But remember that you are responsible for your own nourishment - and so are they! 

So where do you need to provide for yourself first? 

Start with some simple steps like finding time for some of that exercise that you love, waking up a little early to watch the sunrise or to do some meditating or journaling. Start small and work your way up to your first solo vacation, or whatever it is that you think you don’t deserve or could never do. Do that! 

What do you need to feel loved and nourished? How can you give that to yourself now?

Start to make these small practices until they become your way of life. Because the truth is that you really can have all of the things that you desire and you’re already worthy of them all now. 

You just have to be the one who believes it and that comes through your own journey of self love. 

I believe in you.

Written by Mimi Marie 



Dive into the soul and find out what is holding you back from creating more space and margin in your life.

Looking to channel the perfect mindset?

Confused about how to make affirmations work for you?

Well buckle the hell up, honey, because we’ve got the straight dope on how to get all metaphysical on that ass.

Let’s get right to it with the exact mindset you should have to succeed in life, be happy and basically sweat rainbows:

1. You’re a boss. The boss of bosses. The kingpin. The ruler of the world. 

2. You’re always right. 

3. Stop being humble. You’re awesome. Flaunt it. 

4. Everyone on planet Earth is jealous of you, because of your impeccable style. 

5. Damn, you are also super good looking. Nice.

So how can you cultivate all these thoughts so that their a part of your entire aura? So that you’re radiating true boss like qualities at every step?

Easy. Affirmations.

What is an affirmation? Basically just some BS you tell yourself over and over again until you believe it. And you sure as hell believe you’re a winner, right?

Here are the scientifically proven* affirmations to help you maximize your mindset like the top notch human being you are:

1. “I rule. Everyone else drools.” 

2. “I’m so hot, I’m basically like a better looking version of Kim Kardashian.” 

3. “These commoners should bow in reverence to my supreme awesomeness.” 

Change your mindset, change your life.

Damn, it feels good to be a spiritual gangsta.

not scientifically proven at all


“Brands that are me-centric are annoying.”

Triggered. I was so triggered.

I took an innocent comment personally. It wasn’t exactly the first line written above that was said, but it's how I had perceived it. One of my biggest fears was potentially coming true: someone thought I was full of myself.

Like a dryer on tumble dry low, I let the thoughts bounce around in my head. As if my thoughts were freshly washed socks, I'd hoped that some would get lost and I could declutter and make space for good things. (In my head, not my actual sock drawer.)

My face is all over my jewelry brand website and social media. 

The title of my podcast is my name

I talk a lot about me, me, me. 

In all honesty, I often feel shame for taking the selfie a step further with a nice camera and edited photos.

Even when I journal and I notice every paragraph starts with “I”, I criticize myself.

“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
– Louise L. Hay    

When I talk about my dream of running my own business and helping thousands of women around the world, I really am proud of that fact. 

Yet, in the back of my mind though, I’m afraid that every reader is gathering more evidence of my selfish, egocentric ways.

That’s not my heart though. 

I talk about myself with the intention of making other women not feel so alone. 

I share my stories in hopes of others easing up and not being so hard on themselves. And sometimes I make fun of my own humanness because it can be ridiculous. 

After all, we’re all pretty much the same. We have similar insecurities, fears, and doubts. I should know, I’ve talked to thousands of women in my life and it’s pretty much the same damn story across the globe. 

If we can bring our fears to light for others to see, we realize we’re not alone. 

Maybe our insecurities that we’ve given a lot of power to are not that big of a deal if everyone feels the same way.

When shit that holds us back loses its power, we experience new levels of freedom.

My fear of being judged as an egomaniac is based on an experience from high school. I transferred from a private Christian school and into a public high school immediately following junior high.

I was shy, introverted, and apparently good looking. I 100% did NOT feel that way about myself, but some of the girls at my new school did. Apparently.

I was accepted in many different cliques. The art group, the poets, the athletes, the nerds, and the popular girls. 

It was the last group that I never felt trusting of. Sure, there were a few girls that were nice, but for the most part I felt I was in a chess match that I never wanted to play.

I sensed they wanted me around, but I never got the feeling they actually liked me. I picked up on jealousy, but could never understand what it was about.

Turns out I was right and would find out my senior year when a guy friend told me that during my freshman year a girl had started a rumor that my mom covered up all the mirrors in our house because I spent too much time staring at myself.

....uh what... 

High-school girls are viscous, creative, but viscous.

The only reason for me to be in front of a mirror for any length of time was to either pick at my acne or apply a shit ton of black eyeliner because I was highly insecure. I was either trying to rid of my flaws or cover them up.

I was so insecure as a young woman that I struggled with the worst type of depression that anyone can have.

The confidence I have now is based on a combination of me just not wanting to give any more energy to low-self esteem and instead a fuck-it-who-cares-we’re-all-going-to-die-anyway kind of energy.

“Lighten up on yourself.
 No one is perfect.
 Gently accept your humanness.”
– Deborah Day

There are other things I’d rather spend my energy on than worrying about whether loving myself is well balanced so that others don’t perceive me as me-centric.

When people share their stories, I relate easily and I learn from their vulnerabilities. I don’t feel so alone in my own bullshit. That has always been my intention; to share openly, poke-fun at the common human thoughts that I have, and dissolve the power and significance of the fears and thoughts that we make significant.

If that's egocentric then so be it. 

And yeah, if you asked me if I’m egotistical, I’ll abso-fucking-lutely admit that I can be.

Sometimes I act big and better in my thoughts to swing the pendulum of really low self-esteem over to an egotistical level, but only to even it out to a point where I feel I have my feet on the ground.

And you know what? I love that about me. I love me and I’m not afraid to admit it.

I hope that this encourages you to look at what you think is too self-absorbed about yourself. 

Truthfully, you down play yourself way too much. Not just in your head, but to other people as well. 

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your successes, what you’re proud of, and shit you’re good at. 

Hell, I earn a living because of it.

Written by Sarah Foster of BAD BAD Jewelry

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Dear reader, welcome to the first issue of BAD BAD’s online magazine! 

This is the first edition of a seasonal digital publication – jam packed with articles, tips, advice, and components for a kick-ass season. All for goal-driven, foul-mouthed, big-hearted and badass women.

Whether you’re a SAHmama making nightly dinners for your family or you’re running a large corporation, this is all for you.

Consider it a mindful pause amidst a rushed season. It’s like a gift-basket with digital bite-sized, soulfully-nutritious snacks.

It’s up to you whether you take a finely baked motivational-muffin though, and let me say this: we need it.

We’re all nearly running on empty, ready to collapse from malnutrition of our minds and souls.

Women are making history. Now more than any other time, women are starting more businesses than men, running non-profits, educating ourselves on big and small matters, and donating valuable time, resources, and knowledge to world-changing causes.

This means we’re here and we mean business. Literally and figuratively. As the digital age progresses we are discovering how powerful an online platforms is.

Our voice matters.

Our heart matters.

Our work matters.

Our money matters.

Our power matters.

The current climate is change and evolution. Women are starting to do more because we have a big dream and an even bigger heart. We want change on a global level, and we’re willing to be cause in the matter.

We’re also busy as hell. So busy that we're tripping over important personal matters in the mad dash to get shit done. It’s the same thing that typically stops all of us: our self-sabotaging beliefs quickly and easily derail us from our bigger mission and calling.

It’s time to dissolve the self-sabotage and set a new standard of self-worth for generations to come. No more burnout trying to do it all to prove we're something when we're already enough.

When I set out on my journey of building an online business and community, I wish I had the following:

· encouragement to follow my heart and know that I am enough and worthy of making any dream happen

· a strong community of women who were there for me when I needed a pick me up and quick

· a mentor and other resources that encouraged me to be my fucking self (and define WTF that was exactly) and show me how to embrace every strength, weakness, flaw, and gift that I had

That is my intention with this digital magazine: to inspire and empower women to be themselves and follow their heart and dreams.

My hope is you truly come to know on a new level that you’re capable of amazing shit and not to take yourself seriously on your journey.

To do that, my team and I have put together a mix of inspiring-nuggets and cheeky-goodies to lighten the mood along your path of badassery. 

I’ve made many mistakes over the years. The hardest one to bounce back from is inauthenticity and losing touch with my own heart, creative ideas, and desires. As a creative first and foremost, I’ve learned that it’s important for me to shut out the bullshit, stop comparing myself and my journey to others, and always do what feels right for me. THIS. This digital magazine has felt right for a long time.

This publication is all about the real shit - and that starts with the letter from the editor cover: untouched. Cellulite and all. Because I want you to know that you can be yourself, do shit your way, and be successful.

Whatever you’re up to this season, however you feel emotionally and mentally, you are enough.



Sarah Foster

Founder + Chief Foul Mouth of BAD BAD Jewelry 

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