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I'm taking a much needed break and also driving our foster-kitty up the West Coast to her forever home! 👇

(PART 1 OF 3)

A short time ago, we had a family emergency that resulted in my husband and me fostering a 7 week old kitten who needed to be looked after and adopted into a loving forever home.

She's super sweet, bouncy, scratchy, funny, and curious.

Always a dog-lover and owner, this kitty suddenly stole our hearts. I have a new appreciation for cats (and a few battle wounds on my hands, arms, and ankles.)

We'd love to keep her, but with our adopted dog who doesn't do well with other animals, there's no way we could provide a safe home for her to thrive in. So I reached out to all my cat-loving friends and found her a forever home with my childhood bestie Jackie in Washington State.

Jackie, her husband Dylan, and 2 kids (pictured below) live on the outskirts of town with lots of land and a big house with their other cat Mushu. Both being elementary school teachers (which I friggin love) spend a lot of time at home and will provide her a BIG and loving safe space to grow up with her kids and amazing family. Yay!

Kitty's new family and forever home!

I'll be driving kitty up the West Coast and using both the travel and downtime to take a break from jewelry design and plan for the upcoming holiday season and 2021. I expect order processing to start again in early to mid-November.

My amazing mom has sponsored and paid for Kitty's first vet visit. She got her first round of shots and medication to ensure she has clean bill of health before arriving in Washington where she'll soon be bouncing around and playing with her new young family.

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The plan...

History was made! Not once in the 7 years of BAD BAD history have I closed the website shop. For the time being, no jewelry or physical items can be purchased. 

After several days of thinking this over, a good journal session one morning, and loooong meditative-prayer, it just feels so damn right in my heart, mind, and body to temporarily suspend sales on all physical items.

I'm trusting, no, I'm fully knowing this is what's right.

I'll soon embark on a journey up North, along the West Coast, to my hometown in the Pacific Northwest, I want to be fully present while I'm there.

Spending time with dear friends, staring at pine trees, journaling, planning, dreaming, and staying cozy in all my fall clothes, is all I want to focus on.

I won't be thinking about the work I need to do in California like produce orders.

Instead, I'll be focusing on what I've been wanting to do for a long time - creating more mindset resources and tools to help women build confidence and have more courage in life and business.

I plan to be re-filming my Vision Board course, revising my mindset and business coaching packages, and following whatever feels right each morning, afternoon, and evening.

It's a funny feeling to cut off a stream of income, but to move ahead powerfully into the next season and chapter of life for myself and my business (whatever that might be) I feel pulled to wrap things up momentarily, until I'm grounded again. (Whatever that means and looks like, I still don't know.)

After all, it's just jewelry.  Always intended to be gentle reminders, a focal point for your thoughts, and a mantra to embody, all of which is hand-stamped on a tiny piece of metal derived from our earth, well, you have the power within you to do wonders and big magical things without physical, material items.

With that being said, I'll still be on Instagram. My book is still available for download, as is all the other non-physical items. Plus more to come! Be sure to sign up to get notifications (sign up is below.)

I'll leave you (and me) with this:
Trust yourself.
Lean into your heart and follow what feels right.
You've got this.
I've got this.

We've got this.

(PART 3 OF 3)

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