Due to the current state of international shipping, we have to charge a premium to get items packaged and shipped overseas. The amount will be reflected at checkout.

We love our international customers! First, can we just take a minute to recognize how amazing it is that we can handmake an item in the United States and ship it around the world to you! (What can we say, our minds are easily blown.) There are a few things our International customers should know. 

A message from Sarah to our international customers

Customs Fees and Costs 

...are outside of our control. We're badass, but we aren't that powerful. 

Every country varies with whether or not they have fees and the varying amounts. We encourage our around-the-globe customers to research what customs fees, tariffs, taxes, and any standard charges are issued by your country and county prior to purchase. It is your responsibility to know your country's policies, laws, and fees. 

Many countries prefer that you shop locally, so it’s no surprise that purchases made outside your gorgeous land are taxed. Should this deter you from purchasing? Heck no! Especially if you're gaga over a product or brand that you can't get locally (hola!) but because we believe that honesty and being transparent is important, you need to know that there might be an additional cost that your country charges you on top of your order total. Your order total includes product(s) and shipping costs.  

Because we're honest and operate with integrity, we truthfully state the amount and value of the order on the customs forms that are placed on the outside of your package.

As much as we'd like to say we've got money coming out of our ears we simply do not pay for custom fees at allEver

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay any and all fees that customs applies. Again, look up what your country charges for international retail orders to get an idea of what to expect (if anything at all).

Solution: There are several here.

1 - Pay the fees and love the hell outta your BAD BAD order and appreciate the value it's bringing to you and your life.

2 - Ask your carrier if it's possible to refuse the order and that it be returned to the sender. Once we receive it and can see that it hasn't been worn or used, we'll refund you the cost of the item(s) only. We do not refund the price of shipping.

3 - Just don't place the order. Of course, we don't like this option at all, but we get it. Again, contact your local post office or research custom fees prior to placing your order.

4 - Come visit! Let us know when you're going to be in San Diego, California! Or anywhere in the states. If you're in sunny San Diego, we arrange in-person customer meetups regularly. A personal hand delivery of products is one of our fave things to do. Fair warning: we include a hug with every delivery and sometimes a good ol' fashion chat over coffee if time allows.

Not in San Diego, but in the United States? Cool! Let us know the dates of your stay plus the hotel or address you'll be at. We can ship it to your location. Keep in mind, that there are times orders take an additional few days to make and ship. The stars don't need to totally align, but if you give us a heads up, place the order a week or two before you arrive, we can make the order and hold it until you arrive in the States. Email us for more info and to set this up help@badbadjewelry.com.

Heads up: custom fees might apply when you fly back to your country - the ball is in your court for this and fully your responsibility.  

Tracking Numbers & Updates

...that seemingly appears to vanish midway through shipping

There's still not an international computer system that each country’s postal service uses as a whole. Due to this, once the order is shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and makes its way to you by plane or massive ship and hands your beautiful box of goods over to your country's postal service, the international tracking number that's provided typically reads updates that look like this:

At this time multiple things can happen:

1 - your order is hand-delivered to the address you indicated during checkout (best case)

2 - you receive a paper notice from your local post office that you have a package to pick up (with potential customs fees to pay)

3 - you don't see diddly-squat for days and sometimes weeks or even over a month (gahhhhh!) because it's being held up in customs

4 - if after 2 months from the date of shipment you don’t receive your order or any further information from your local office, please contact us for further support

Solution: Contact your local post office to inquire as to whether they have the package. We suggest waiting up to 2 business days as sometimes computer systems need to be updated. You can provide the tracking number that was created at the time of shipment (it begins with an L) but don't be surprised if your postal carrier is unable to look up the order.

Patience is a Virtue - especially when it comes to shipping, but why so looonnnnggg?

Since the start of BAD BAD, we've seen several things happen with international orders and shipments.

One to two packages have been delivered in just over a months’ time, while others that are delayed arrive within 5 to 10 business days. We can never determine how long a package will be delayed.

When orders have been delayed it’s typically because random packages are selected, opened, and searched to ensure nothing illegal is entering your country. This is what causes some of the longest delays. Some countries have an efficient process and do this quickly, while others can take as long as a month before the search and ship the package. This is totally outside of our control.

Solution: Contact your local post office for more information on their process and if for some reason tracking information shows that customs is holding your package, inquire as to the expected time of arrival. 


A few other points

Expect further delays by carriers during the busy holidays, winter months, and any extreme weather conditions. 

We hope that this information provides you with all the information you need. For any questions, please contact us at help@badbadjewelry.com. We’re here to help you! We love our international customers. We’ve shipped thousands and thousands of our handmade products to over 19 countries since the beginning. We’re honored to have that kind of impact and know that women around the world are empowering themselves, being inspired, and making a difference for their communities around the globe.