design your own textured bar necklace



Customize your bar necklace with any word or phrase. Say whatever you want on a textured-finished bar.

Metal Quality

Sterling Silver

14K Gold-Filled

14K Rose Gold-Filled

Chain Lengths

16" / 18"

On Sale for Only $65

Original Price $75 | Get $10 OFF TODAY!


We only use high quality materials sourced in the U.S.A.
Each design is carefully handcrafted and quality inspected before being boxed and shipped (for free) to you.

design inspiration

3 colors + any word(s) = infinite options

On Sale for Only $65

Original Price $75 | Get $10 OFF TODAY!

"This is the exact reminder I need every fucking day. I am worthy. I'm fucking good enough. I will never settle, ever again."

"Wow! I am incredibly impressed by this necklace.The chain is so delicate and high quality, far better than I expected (or have on any of my other necklaces from other places). The print on the bar is very subtle, I wore it to work and no one noticed except for some friends who asked what it said and, when they got super close to read it, reacted with 'Awesome!'"

-Robyn B.

"I immediately fell in love with it. The quality is exceptional--far better than I would have expected. I wear it to the gym, in the shower, to work, etc. I haven't taken it off since he gifted it to me months ago! No signs of tarnishing or dirtiness. The quality is remarkable. Super obsessed!"
-Leyanet G.

"It fit my personality perfectly!"

-Niina T.

"Love it ! Beautifully crafted and packaged. Delivered on time with a handwritten note. Will definitely be back."
-Chrissy M.


We're confident we design and sell the very best badass jewelry available, and we want you to share our confidence! That's why we offer a guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

We're here for you and your well loved designs for life. You can contact us any time for any cleaning, repairs, or component replacements.

The Power of Words

If you're trying to achieve your dreams and live an extraordinary life, you can't afford to spend time in negative energy.






talking poorly of yourself and others (def stop this, most people have no idea how detrimental this is)


repeating empowering words and phrases

being more courageous

believing you're capable of more

looking for the good, and sometimes lessons, in every situation

encouraging (yourself and others)

what will yours say?

...anything goes.


"I absolutely love this bracelet! I asked for a little personalization and communication was quick. This is one of my favorite jewelry pieces now."

"Absolutely LOVE this piece! Already put it another order for a bar necklace. Amazing work!!"

"By far my favorite piece of any jewelry I've ever owned! I’m a Crossfit chick, and my mentality in the gym is to always lift heavy. Thank you so much Sarah for making the one item I'll never take off."

"This beautiful piece is precisely what I was hoping for. The textured metal is perfect. You can wear with anything - I wear it to the gym when I need that extra mental boost. 18" is perfect length, too. Will continue to treat myself from Bad Bad on the regular."


Will the necklace fit?

Yes. You have the option between a 16" and 18" chains with a lobster clasp, in addition to a 1, 1.5, and 2" extension that allows you to adjust where your necklace sits based on your preference.  The necklace rests comfortably on one's chest without it feeling like it's "getting in the way" nor feeling like it's too tight. We intentionally design lightweight necklaces for everyday comfort.

What can I have custom stamped on my textured bar?

If you can't tell, we'll customize anything, including explicit language. Our brand believes in personal empowerment. You're limited to up to 15 characters of letters and spaces only. For more characters, please contact us. For right now (and only available on this site) we are Forever Love necklace at a 60% discount! Once this offer ends, it will go back to its original price of $99.95, which is still a deal seeing as other jewelry sites are asking upwards of $200. 

Will my order get to me without any issues?

USA Shipping: We use USPS First Class mail at no cost to you! Please allow 2 - 7 business days for your custom product to be handmade. Once shipped we notify you of your individual tracking number - please wait in 1 - 5 business days for your product arrive to you. If you have any issues with shipment, please contact us immediately after talking to your local postal carrier if they don't have any information. 

International Shipping : Please allow 7 - 14 business days for shippingcustoms on international shipments. Shipping costs and custom fee's are the customer’s responsibility and vary depending on the country. 

Please contact your local customs office to find out your countries rates.

IMPORTANT: Any customs or import duties are charged once the order reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient of the order.

How long is the sale?

For right now (and only available on this site) we are offering our Bar Necklace Textured | Design Your Own necklace with $10 OFF discount! This includes your choice of high-quality metal, a jewelry card with an empowering phrase, and a beautiful jewelry box for storage and gift-giving! Which is still a deal seeing as other jewelry sites are asking upwards of $150 for not just nice metals but 100% customizable bar necklaces.
We also have a lifetime relationship to our customer and products, which means repairs and most component replacements are inexpensive. We don't know of any other jewelry brand that does that.

Where do your products come from?

We source materials in the U.S.A. with ethical manufacturing practices. 

Our branded products are hand-made and shipped by our small team of women living in San Diego, California, United States.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Due to the nature of custom made orders, we do not provide 100% refund. If you are unhappy with your order, we want to hear from you. Please contact our highly-praised customer service. We're friendly!

"Love this company! ...everything arrived faster than expected! There was excellent communication from the second I placed my order to the day I received it and even following up after that! Highly recommend!" 
- Lindsay L.


Founded in 2013 by Sarah Foster, BAD BAD has a bad ass reputation for being the cheeky, foul-mouthed motivational brand for women with goals and a foul-mouth. From handmade jewelry, to printable workbooks, online virtual workshops for goal-driven babes, all products are original.

Designs consist of quality materials sourced in the United States. Each piece is handmade and inspected before leaving the studio in San Diego, California. 

Our products are perfect for everyday motivation and wear. WhyTF would you want to wear anything else?

Sarah Foster

Chief Foul Mouth of BAD BAD Jewelry