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60k+ every damn day is the minimum number of thoughts a woman has each day. And get this, 80% of them are negative. Do you know what you're telling yourself? Turn it around and up-level your mindset with this step-by-step process I personally use.



Slay the mental bullshit that's holding you back. Clear the crap that's clogging up your mind. In five day, you'll release the bullshit and learn how to feel more happy, excited, productive, and free. Unlock the unstoppable, badass you've always been.


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Real shit and awkward stories unravel at the jewelry bench when I sit down to design a new piece of jewelry to overcome my doubts, fears, and basic bullshit. Willingly throwing myself under the bus and bringing levity to what I suspect we all struggle with (oh god, please don't let it just be me) I share personal stories of everyday things on the blog.


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It feels good when someone talks highly about you.

Gregg Sugerman's Podcast

In this episode you’ll learn:

The one sentence Sarah repeated to herself over and over again, which literally turned her life around.

How she uses (and teaches) incantations and mantras to alter the emotional experience of her life.

The deliberate multi-medium process Sarah uses for excitement and inspiration on demand.

Vision boards: her very specific method for selecting images to attract the things and experiences you want to have in life.

Visualizing: the critical importance the power of emotion plays in effective visualizing 

Laura Pennington's Podcast

In this episode you’ll hear Sarah share her story of how she started BAD BAD and the benefits of working for herself.



Jen Mavros Show
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