You're really damn good at what you do, but your brand, copy, and/or website doesn't align with who you are today. You feel scattered, disorganized, and all over the place.

You're aching for a virtual face-lift and you need someone who gets you and knows how to translate your essence visually and into words, and who can help you streamline and simplify your business visually and on the backend.

You love simple, but beautiful. You want a current and 'cool' brand and a website that converts to consistent income.

You're unique and gifted as hell, but don't know how to make yourself or your products and services stand out.

From product packaging design, to full blown websites, I'm here to pull out the best damn parts of you and translate them into a beautiful, unique, and custom look.

Do we vibe well? Let's find out on a free call. You tell me what you need, and I'll tell you if I can help you.


Below are several of my past clients that I've photographed, branded (colors and fonts), and designed either some or all of their website.


To sum it up, I help female entrepreneurs and small business owners develop and up level their online business branding and streamline and improve operations:

From photos, to personal branding, copywriting, logo design, web design, graphic design, illustration, content planning, custom photography, photo editing, funnel building, system setup and development, newsletter strategy, and the list goes on and on...

If I can't do it or it's out of my scope or skill level then I'll support you in finding someone who can and who is a helluva lot better at it than I am.


⊳ home page
⊳ sales pages
⊳ about page
⊳ articles/proposals
⊳ proposals


⊳ websites
⊳ logos
⊳ courses


⊳ newsletter
⊳ website*
⊳ email funnels
⊳ ebooks
⊳ workbooks
⊳ courses
⊳ products

*I prefer to work with SquareSpace and Shopify.


coaches, service providers, mentors, speakers, authors and more


Below are some examples of the work I've done for clients, for fun,
and for my own eCommerce brand (BAD BAD).

Click the arrows to expand each section.


In just two days of work, I was able to design multiple pieces of marketing content, from start to finish, that helped my client bring in $75,000 in sales for this new start up! The Sweet, an ice cream shop with prime real-estate in the tourist town of Mission Beach, San Diego, California, needed an eye-catching brand and imagery that made both parents and kids stop what they were doing and snag a couple scoops of delicious dessert. 

In less than two days I photographed, branded, designed, wrote copy, designed the menu, increased the prices, and named the most expensive product (the 'Waffle Bottom') which has since become a hit amongst locals and tourists alike.

WHAT I CREATED: Large window posters, sandwich board posters for the boardwalk, large alternating menus for the 60" TV that sits behind the gelato, a printed menu for walk-in patrons, and more. 

The Menu: I staged and photographed the products, wrote the copy, named the Waffle Bottom, Waffle Sandwich, and Gelato Pint-to-Go, and selected the brand colors for this San Diego based gelato shop to draw in kids and make the parent's pony up for the whole family to enjoy cold desserts beachside.
The Posters: The high-traffic spot of the gelato shop needed to have stand out posters to pull in passerby's. I started out by using the most attractive and colorful scoops of ice cream available, matched the spoons for a dual-sharing affect making the ice cream more relatable, and displayed colorful sprinkles to add an element of nostalgic-familiarity, texture, and depth to the imagery. These posters were printed out as 24"x36" posters and displayed proudly in the shop's windows along the main strip in Mission Beach.
Sandwich Board Posters: Mission Beach's boardwalk that lines the Pacific Ocean, is high-traffic all year long. With the dessert shop being only a block away, I needed to design a creative and informative poster to make even roller blader's break for a cold refreshing scoop, or a sun-toasted, beach dwelling parent want to haul their chairs and towels an entire block just for a quick scoop.

Using the photographs that I staged, I kept the poster designs simple with just the product name, an arrow, the distance (important for tourists who don't know their way around the area) and the a business name and address in case they felt the need to punch it into their smartphone's map or Yelp. Within one day these posters started drawing in crowds and more than doubled daily sales.
The TV Menu: At the time, the only way to know what flavors were available for shave ice were by them looking at the poorly handwritten labels on each bottle or by asking the shop owner.

After a TV was installed, the first priority was to design a menu that would fit its large screen that sat behind the counter. It needed to be eye-catching from the sidewalk and legible.

I pulled a stock image of multiple cups of shave ice (creating a sense of abundance) and cropped the image so it showed mostly the shave ice. I color matched the copy to the shop's available flavors and used a simple and easy-to-read font.

This simple but prominent graphic has proven to be helpful for all the patrons waiting in line, allowing them to see and choose their flavors prior to ordering.


Newsletter: As an eCommerce owner, I've designed hundreds of emails, newsletters, funnels, and automations. All which requires a combination of skills from product photography, color selection, eye-catching layouts that make the subscriber want to open and look at each email, creative writing, and catchy subject lines. The below email is one example of my own jewelry brand's automated welcome email series.


My dear friend and client Steph had a course for women in post partum. She needed her soon-to-launch course to be branded in a way that complimented her existing brand as a coach and podcast co-host. It also needed to stand out on its own. 

After we talked and I looked through some of her course content, I got the vision of using various fonts and illustrating an arrow that would connect. I really wanted to emphasize the word reset and create an attractive visual. I went with a soft color pallet that complimented Steph's existing branding, and intentionally infused it with happy, bright colors. 

As I got to work on it, I was getting visions and ideas for additional logo styles and graphics. I included them as well so that she could use them throughout social media, print outs, workbooks and worksheets. It was more than she had asked for, but that's what happens when I'm in the creative flow.


More examples coming soon


Your brand is not about becoming something you're not. It's about incorporating the spirit of you and your work to make a big-ass difference for your clients and customers. You're gifted and it's about damn time your website matches your talent.

Let's move some major mountains together and dial you back into what you're here to do. While we're at it, let's make it really damn clear what you do, how well you do it, and why the hell your future clients should pay you.

Your own journey has been one of discovery and by now you've let go of your know-it-all-tendencies. You just want to put your ideas, your work, and let yourself be seen by those who need what you have. You're ready to have someone take your vision and translate it beautifully online.


I'm really damn good at what I do.
Does that sound egotistical? Good. 

There's no point in denying that we all have an ego. I've got one too. I've also got experience, proof, and a boat load of testimonials from other women to boot. I'm going to help you get shit done in your life and online business because I've done it for my own brand and for countless others.
(Okay, I did count and there's over two dozen at this point.)

And look, I want you to get comfortable as fuck with the things you have achieved. As women, we often forget what we're capable of doing because we don't want to come off prideful, overly confident, or egocentric. Bitch, BE LOUD. Be proud. Take up some fucking space!
You've damn well earned it.




For shorter creative projects, my rate ranges from $55 to $150 per hour. 

Have a tight budget? I totally understand. Before you gasp and click away, let me put it this way: what might take you a couple of weeks to learn on YouTube, money you have to fork over for various software or programs, cash you have to throw down for an iPad Pro (and all the pencils and brushes that you might need), to then fumble around on the backend of your website or your email-dashboard, to only get distracted by a feature that makes you question, "Hmmm should I try this strategy and software too?" To then only realize you didn't do a damn thing with your website, email sequence, or sales page.

And there you are, it's hours past noon. You're still in your pajamas. On your fifth cup of coffee. Your teeth feel fuzzy because you still haven't brushed them yet, and you're wishing you would have just hired someone instead of DIYing your online business. 

I'm also going to guess that you're really damn good at something, like, it's your thang. Your gifted AF. You loooove working in your zone of genius, sitting in your sweet-spot, and you're lit up about being in your life's calling. Wouldn't you rather be focusing on that instead of figuring out what the hell a HEX code is and why you need it?

What might take you hours (maybe even weeks) might only take me as little as 15 minutes. At my hourly rate of $150, that's only $37.50 for you.

(And yes, often times I'm able to complete smaller projects in well under an hour.)


My personal opinion is that less is more when it comes to most websites. A home page, about page, product or work-with-me page, and contact form is typically plenty for most service based businesses. Nobody will be as excited about your website as you. You're really the only one who's going to be thrilled about it. Everyone else is there to get value or send you cash - make it easy for them to do that.

As much as you'd like to pour time and money into building a beautiful website that has shit loads of features and movement because it looks cool, consider your client who cares more about what you're offering and isn't saying to themselves, "If only their site had more images sliding in and out as I scroll." If you're going to overwhelm your client, let it be with your genius and gifts, not all the moving parts on a web page.

Unless you have a web designer who's on staff full time and able to make changes immediately, I think every small business owner should be able to make small updates on a whim. Even for the non-tech-savvy person, I find that *SquareSpace and Shopify are the most user friendly with drag and drop features (depending on your type of business). I design websites in a way that allows my client's to make updates, publish blog posts, and make small changes as needed. 

Think of it like hiring someone to build and style your home, and when you want to update your space to decorate for fall, all you have to do is change out the pillows and decor. It's easy! 

SIMPLE 3-PAGE SITE: Starting at $6,500 and takes less than 1 month to complete.

FULLER ROBUST SITE: Starting at $15,000 and takes 2 to 3 months to complete.

*If you're working with a pre-existing site on another platform that's other than SquareSpace of Shopify, I'm still open to discussing details.


As a creative, I get big bursts of creativity. I go all in on one thing. I take action until I'm done and I'm out of creative fuel. Because of my single-focused style, I work with one client at a time during short-term projects. Multiple projects and multiple clients are not my jam. So it's just you and me, babe.

And let's be real, you're probably feeling scattered right now. The last thing you need is your creative-project manager/freelancers to be distracted and burnt out too. Only to delay your project. Eww. 

When working with my clients, I stay single focused allowing me to have plenty of drive that's dedicated to completing your project quickly, effectively, and without compromising an ounce of quality.

Want to know what I do in between clients? When my creative energy has run its course and I need to coast, I take down time.

I relax and recoup for a week or two: restock my fridge, workout, walk, hike, get massages, weekly acupuncture, reiki sessions, various types of energy work, and find solitude somewhere in the sun or snow or wherever I feel called.

After I recoup, I'm back at it again. 

After years and years of creative work, this process is what works best for me. Ready to go all in together? I hope so! Let's see if we vibe. Book a free call to start.