mentoring for women with goals but want EXTRA support

Swap the bullshit out to feel genuine, deep down, feel-it-in-your-fallopian-tubes confidence.

Do you have a vision or idea of what the 'best version' of your life or career looks like, but still feel like the same old version of yourself?

Find it hard stay consistent and focused on making lasting changes in your life? 

Do you set goals and completely fucking forget them? 

Do you feel like you're constantly looking for motivation? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're in the right effin place. As the founder and Chief Foul Mouth of BAD BAD, I'm all about helping badass women overcome the sh*t that keeps them stuck and the negative self-talk to 

Less stress. More ease. More play.
More time to chill and do the sh*t you love.

That's why I offer private sessions to help you through the bullshit that's dragging your ass down. These sweet, sixty-minute phone soirées ☎️ help you identify the sneaky little thoughts that you're gripping onto and create a different mentality and mindset based on your big desires.

You know... these are the kind of conversations that turn your whole fucking week around and leave you smiling like a dork, with so much pep in your step your calves will hurt.

If only you could talk with someone who will listen, not judge you, can hold the space for you to be honest and real, and then offer a different perspective, brainstorm solutions, and then encourage the fuck outta you!

Whatever you want is what I want for you. Whether you're looking to improve your focus and productivity, boost your confidence, find a better work-life balance, or figure out how to make more money so you can buy all those skincare treatments and cute as hell gym clothes you've wanted for years, I'm all about it. 

It's like having someone in your corner who actually gives a fuck about your dreams, well-being, and self esteem. How sick is that, bestie?

My approach is based on positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavior change. I use evidence-based techniques to help you identify and overcome the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that are holding you back and frustrating that shit outta you.

You'll learn how to:
Set clear, "this is totally doable" goals/intentions
 Create a mantra or affirmation that makes you feel better than the latest banger you fund on Spotify
 Develop an "I got this" mindset
 Improve your relationship to time (you're trying to do too much in too little time)
 Cultivate self-care ritual that actually support you

I'm trained and experienced at providing a safe and supportive, judgement free space where you can share and explore your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

Finally overcome the bullshit challenges and marinate in your own magic (I'll show you how) to achieve something different. 

Don't let self-doubt and distractions hold you back any longer. Book a session today. Let's chat. I want to celebrate the fuck outta your wins!

I offer private, 60-minute sessions for $150 (with payment options through Shop Pay).

Feel like you need more support beyond a single session? The more you pre-buy, the more you save.

Have a gnarly week and want someone to talk to consistently? Daily sessions are your best best.

Want to spread yours sessions out to get ongoing support? No problemo, hot stuff!

1 x 1-hour session: $150

2 x 1-hour sessions: $275 (Save $25)

3 x 1 hour sessions: $400 (Save $50)

4 x 1 hour sessions: $500 (Save $100)

You'll receive a $25 BAD BAD gift card following our session to use on any product or service within the store, aka a custom affirmation jewelry design. Bam!

Can only afford FREE right now?Check this out then.