Private Coaching

three - six MONTHS | 1:1

2022 + YOU

You're scared AF to get what you want, be who you want, and do what you want.
You're timid, unsure, full of self-criticism, have a platter of excuses why none of it is possible for you, and some imposter syndrome on the side. But the truth is, you've been feeling this way for a while now and you're over it.

Stop feeling like shit,
and take your fucking power back.

Deep down, you capital "K" Know you're a badass even if you don't feel like it right now.
You know you're capable of so much more.

but wait, WTF is a badass woman?

Let’s define her:

  • unapologetically herself

  • has solid-as-hell boundaries

  • has loads of self-trust

  • feels really damn good in her body

  • she's mindful and mostly present

  • prioritizes play and pleasure

  • maximizes a solid and healthy mindset

  • feels best when she's genuinely being herself

  • confident in her gifts and abilities

  • has mad respect for herself and others

  • does work that lights her up

  • living out her dream lifestyle

  • follows her intuition

  • wouldn’t dream of being anyone else


Answer a few questions and tell me what you want...

in your dreams

You WANT the badass lifestyle and business/career you've always envisioned,
but it feels like an Elon-Musk-Space-X level achievement to make that shit happen.

At some point you stopped prioritizing you

and now you feel insecure as shit, with a mustard seed of courage.

Maybe because of your role as a wife, mother, or putting other people's needs, wants, or opinions before your own

you've completely neglected you and your health

(physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and well, shit, probably sexually too.)

You stopped doing the things that made you really happy, despite them being really simple

Like enjoying a coffee every morning while you journaled and dreamed, painting in your free time, driving to the edge of town to go hiking, cooking new dishes and not caring whether they turned out or not, or getting lost in the music while you danced and moved your body.

You don't feel like yourself.
In fact, you don't even know how the fuck
you got to this point...

You've said yes to too damn much and most of it you resent.
You're burnt out and spread thin, but you feel like you're going to effin die unless you start prioritizing what you really want. 

You're ready for a change, like, a big ass change.
A lifestyle-overhaul.

You're done with fluffy and flimsy DIY fixes,
you're ready to play the long game now.

You have a vision of who your future self is
(and damn she's a badass)
but your current life is far from that.


Hi! You probs already know who I am, but in case you don't I'm Sarah, and I support women who want to stop feeling like shit and instead want to have it all. And look, I know that 'having it all' seems overwhelming AF right now. I'm here to tell you (and show you) it's possible, it's just going to take some time. But not as long as you might think. Still, you're ready to do it right, stay steady, and play the long game this time. You want quality, authentic you. I gotchu.

I coach women who are tired of blanket self-help shit who want SPECIFIC support with what they are dealing with. This is a high-touch, high-level experience of one-on-one support. Just you and me babe! 

So if you’re ready to stop fucking around, walking your cute ass in circles and still feeling stuck after trying to DIY your own mindset and dream life, and you’re ready to go all in on yourself, invest in you, your heart, your head, and your future, well, let's gooooo!


Answer a few questions and tell me what you want...



In other words, you've already established a certain mindset - you're already using affirmations and visualization.

And both are dictating who you are. What your life looks and feels like. Your experiences. Moods. And outcomes.

Why not redefine and redesign yourself, your life, and your mindset.


That's exactly what I do: define and design.
And if you haven't figured it out yet, I’m a designer:

jewelry designer, product designer, brand designer,  ...mindset designer.
More importantly I’m a doer. I take action. To make your ideas and visions become your reality, you'll need to take action too. And it's a helluva lot easier to take action when you're inspired, lit the hell up, and have ongoing support from another badass bitch who's right there with you.


break the muthafuggin rules

Why BAD BAD Coaching? Because you’re tired of being a good girl, putting other people's dreams first, saying yes to shit you don't actually want to do, following the so-called rules, doing what's expected of you, instead of what excites you.

It’s not bad bad because you’re doing something wrong, it only feels disobedient and naughty to prioritize you and what you want.
  • (You're such a bad, bad girl for even thinking about this!) 

So, like, when are you going to pursue the shit that lights you up?

I turn dreamers into fucking doers. 

You ready to get shit done?

what's included?

OR $1,111 A MONTH

› Private coaching for three months

› Three 50-minute calls per month

› One week off every month for integration, reflection, and pausing

› Messaging and audio access for additional support throughout the entire month

› Full access to VISION (my vision board course)

I turn dreamers into fucking doers. 

You ready to get shit done?

do shit you love

be unapologetically you

That deep calling. That inner knowing that you could be the badass you know you are,

you're already her. It's time to let that bitch out!

Even though you know you could do it alone (because you usually do) this time you want some heavy-duty-Gorilla-Glue™ mindset support from someone who's chased wild ass dreams and lived to talk about the success.

You deserve to be emboldened and empowered
to be yourself and in hot pursuit
of whatever you want.

real change happens when you have SOMEONE on your side TO HOLD THE SPACE FOR YOU

feel safe to dream, explore, play, and try new things

real change happens when you have

feel safe to dream, explore, play, and try new things

You want to be supported, not judged

 I don't care if you're a church-going accountant who listens to Cardi B, singing wet ass pussy in your Subaru Forester on your way to your weekly pole dancing class, and your vision is to be a sex, love, and relationship coach because you love intimacy and are mad-pissed about society ignoring the fact that the body, pleasure, and intimate connection are actually a really beautiful (and important) part of being a human. 

Married to a straight man who you have children with, but you've been attracted to women your whole life? Alright, lets talk it out and chart the path of uprooting some of the past to create a life you want and love. At a pace that works for you!

Secretly casting spells, setting intentions, breaking generational curses, pulling tarot cards, collecting crystals, and stashing books on witchcraft because you understand what it all actually is (instead of what your religious family told you) and you want to do that, maybe open up a shop for other people like you?

Cool, cool, cool. I'm down for it all!

and I've coached clients through every single one of these scenarios.
No judgement, boo. i think you should get on with your bad, bad self.


Answer a few questions and tell me what you want...