Private Coaching

It's your story.
Hit 'em with a plot twist whenever you want.

Don't feel like you're living a life true to yourself?
Out of alignment?
Not feeling authentic or genuine?
Giving away your power and playing small?
Do you hold yourself back?

You're timid, unsure, doubtful, and full of reasons about why you can't have what you want in life or feel the way you want to feel. The vision you have feels unrealistic.

You're holding yourself back from the BEST part of life: feeling like yourself! Aligned and genuine.
It's not about becoming the 'best version of you'. Eww. 

It's about letting go of the bullshit that you think you need to do or be that's stopping your from being yourself.

It's possible to live a life you love, do work that lights you up, feel good AF in your body, and embody whatever flavor of badass energy you already are.


Stop feeling like shit,
and take your power back.

over the bullshit

You're over it. All that extra non-sense and bullshit. It not longer serves or supports you.

You want to feel really fucking good about yourself, your life, and your work.

You know you're capable of more. Deep down, you know you're a badass woman.

Wait, WTF is a badass woman?

Let’s define her:

  • unapologetically herself

  • has solid AF boundaries

  • has loads of self-trust

  • feels really damn good in her body

  • she's mindful and mostly present

  • prioritizes play and pleasure

  • maximizes a solid and healthy mindset

  • feels best when she's genuinely being herself

  • confident in her gifts and abilities

  • has mad respect for herself and others

  • does work that lights her up

  • living out her dream lifestyle

  • follows her intuition

  • wouldn’t dream of being anyone else


Tell me what you want...


You are allowed to love the fuck outta your life, who you are, and your work/career.

I know you've been told and taught otherwise, but I'm here to tell you that its a) totally fucking possible, and b) safe to be in love with your life.

Your vision is possible. Your life is worthy of feeling rich and full. Your career can absofuckinglutely fulfill you.

You can make it happen while feeling good, having fun, playing, letting it be easy, and while you're using your gifts.

I promise, if you start paying attention to what feels fucking good, loving the shit outta how badass you are, and doing less bullshit - your life will look a helluva lot different in six months.

And look, I can't promise you an outcome. (Run, don't walk, from anyone who tells you they can give you a guarantee.) I'm here to keep you on track, focused on what it is you want, bring you back to center, and hold up the mirror so that you see your own greatness and ability.

When you need a sounding board and someone to share your wild ideas or unpack your fears with - I want to hear it all! ...then do something with it because that's where the juice is - your magic is underneath all of that!

You want someone to hold you accountable, but also know when to read the fucking room and see when you need some self-compassion and grace (because I'm going to bet that you don't do this for yourself) that's what I'm here for. 

And while we're on that subject, let me spit it to you straight: you've beaten the shit outta yourself. You've tried to criticize yourself into a state of perfection. You thought that tough-self-talk would get you somewhere.

And that shit ain't allowed anymore.

You need someone in your corner who's going to pump you full of confidence-juice, hold up the mirror and point out your power, beauty, and intelligence so that you remember WHO THE FUCK you are until you embody your own brilliance because you've marinated in it. 

Imagine what your life will look like after six months of that...

And the reason we do all that is because when you FEEL GOOD you take action (inspired action), you feel empowered, lit up, and excited about where you're going,  you take better care of yourself, you WANT to move your body (hello hotty!), you become more effective at work (hello cash-money), and you actually start enjoying life ...again.

You want to express and be yourself again

You're ready for a comeback...

Ready for the next evolution of you and your life? It's your turn to feel really fucking good, hot AF, happy, healthy, free, confident, abundant, lit up, fulfilled, turned on, and excited again.


Start here... Hi! You probs already know who I am, but in case you don't I'm Sarah and I support women who want to stop feeling like shit and instead want to love the shit outta themselves and their life.

And look, I know that 'having it all' seems overwhelming AF right now. I'm here to tell you (and show you) it's possible, it's just going to take some time, but not as long as you might think.

You're ready to go all in, do it right, keep a steady clip, stay consistent, and play the long game so you can integrate and embody exactly what you want.

I coach women who are tired of blanket self-help shit, who want SPECIFIC support with what they are dealing with. This is a high-touch, high-level experience of one-on-one support. #VIP

If you’re ready to stop fucking around, walking your cute ass in circles and still feeling stuck after trying to DIY your own mindset and you want support, accountability, and someone who can hold your vision with you, let's gooooo!


Tell me what you want...

Believe me when I tell you, this woman might have some super sonic powers because her ability to visualize where you're going and what [you] need is beyond what I think is humanely [possible].

In your dreams...

Let me guess, something happened that made you shrink, hide, and stop believing in yourself.

Confidence. What the fuck is that?

Self-love. Pshht, yeah right.

Direction and clarity. You wish.

You're feeling lost, wobbly, and meh.
But somewhere in the back of your mind you daydream about being the best damn version of you.

You want the lifestyle you've always envisioned,
but it feels like an Elon-Musk-Space-X level achievement to make that shit happen.

Don't collapse your past with your future.

(You don't need it where you're going.)

love who you are

be unapologetically you

That deep calling. That inner knowing that you're meant for more. Feeling like you're more powerful than you've been letting on...
It's time to let that bitch out!

Even though you know you could do it alone (because you usually do) this time you want some heavy-duty-Gorilla-Glue™ mindset support from someone who's chased wild ass dreams, turned visions into real life, and lived to talk about the success.

Let's goooooooooo!

You deserve to be emboldened and empowered
to be yourself and in hot pursuit
of whatever you want.



In other words, you've already established a certain mindset - you're already using affirmations and visualization.

And both are dictating who you are. What your life looks and feels like. Your experiences. Moods. And outcomes.

Why not redefine and redesign yourself, your life, and your mindset.


That's exactly what I do: define and design.
And if you haven't figured it out yet, I’m a designer:

jewelry designer, product designer, brand designer,  ...mindset designer.
More importantly I’m a doer. I take action. To make your ideas and visions become your reality, you'll need to take action too. And it's a helluva lot easier to take action when you're playing, having fun, feeling good, feeling inspired, lit the hell up, and have ongoing support from another badass bitch who's right there with you.


What's included?


PRIVATE COACHING for six months

EIGHTEEN 50-MINUTE CALLS to use within the six month container


TEXT & AUDIO ACCESS for additional support in-between calls

IMMEDIATE & FULL ACCESS TO VISION (my vision board course)

CUSTOM RECORDED GUIDED VISUALIZATION written and sound-designed only for you (these will blow your fucking mind)

What's covered?

Month One

This is energy-clearing on steroids. What you've been doing isn't working. The things that are stressing you out either need to go, or you need to change your relationship to them so you're not fucking annoyed but feeling good.

Month Two

In the process of clearing out the bullshit, you're going to discover a helluva lot more of what you DON'T want and what you DO want. Clarity baby. Will your vision still change? Yes of course, but not as drastic as you think. It's fine tuning your desires and aligning to what your intuitively feeling called to.

Month Three

It's time to listen to yourself, your gut instinct, intuition, and if you believe in a higher power - you'll tap into that at a much deeper and conscious level. It's all about the energetics and letting go of the sense of needing to control shit, and just allowing it all to unfold, come to you, and show up.

Month Four

You'll combine your vision, intuition, and mindset to consistently dip into a feel good state where you're totally juiced up, turned on, and vibing easily so that you alter your outlook and perspective of what you want and your ability to have it. This allows you to take action that feels easy and effortless.

Month Five

Look babe, you are pure fucking magic. Nobody is like you. At this point, you're going to be feeling your own vibe, getting high on your own supply of creativity, power, and energy that it feels like you're floating through your days. This is the month you're going to be marinating in all of it and doing even more fine tuning and playing with the nuances of your vision. Alchemizing everything you've done up until now.

Month Six

Who the fuck even are you?! Six months is not a long time, but it can feel like it when you're trying to make big changes on your own. I can't make you a promise, but I can make a prediction that if you show up for yourself, invest in your desires, make pleasure and feeling good a priority - your life will look and feel completely different. At this point in the journey, you're integrating into your new lifestyle. This is foundational. This is setting you up for the rest of your life in this new found energy and version of you.

What's the cost?

$750/mo (basic package)

$995/mo (with VIP upgrades)


Tell me what you want...

Street Cred


My client's play full out. Here's what it's like to coach with me in their words.

I now feel so much more confident, defined and driven to restart my new brand to share the knowledge, skills and talent that I have to help others. I highly recommend Sarah! Be prepared to get a new BFF out of your mentorship too! 

This was incredible! She gives the most relevant and honest advice out there while at the same time being supportive. She’s helped me take my work to the next level and elevate me so I can be more successful at what I already had inside. Her guidance is amazing. She really gets it.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that we met. I fucking love you to pieces and am so grateful to have you in my life. I want you to know that you have been such a big light and have been incredibly motivational, inspirational, and how much I have appreciated how you have seen me for who I truly truly am. I appreciate our relationship, but most importantly really value the friendship that has come from all of it. Anyway, didn’t mean to get all gushy but just wanted you to know YOU are a LIGHT in my life and I am eternally grateful 🙏

Had to redo my vision board because I manifested some big things already! I stopped this morning and noticed my vision board and was like "OMG. I did it!" I feel so good; proud, accomplished, but most of all, validated!

Sarah Foster inspires me with her mission-driven enthusiasm to help others truly step into their greatness and believe in their own power (even when they don't see it themselves). You can feel her deep belief in others. She is a true leader guided by heart, guts and truth. Sarah is a breath of fresh, real air and a pleasure to connect and learn with, always.

I love me some Sarah Foster, the world needs more of her!!

Sarah is one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. Her passion and drive for excellence are so contagious. Being around her, or even just reading something she has written, motivates me to go for it! The atmosphere around her is electric with excitement, optimism and expectation. She knows it’s important to have connections with others who will encourage us to believe in ourselves and our dreams, and she has tools to help us get what we want! She’s been in our shoes and knows what it feels like to overcome fears and hopelessness and move into a place where dreams become reality. If anyone could propel me into the place where the desires of my heart become manifest, it’s Sarah.”

Are we a fit?

So why me, and WTF qualifies me to coach you or any woman?

I know what it's like to be misunderstood.

I know what it's like to not be overlooked.

I know what it's like to be continually criticized, judged, and corrected.

I know what it feels like to be questioned.

I know how it feels to NOT be supported, encouraged, pumped up, and hyped to go after the shit that lights me up.

It really fucking sucks when you're not recognized for your strengths, gifts, character, values, work ethic, and so on.

Hearing what women really want and sharing the parts of them they keep hidden, it all lights me the fuck up! Even moreso, I love seeing women see themselves as powerful, brilliant, and pure fucking magic.

I'm passionate as FUCK about women feeling really damn good about themselves, owning their work, and loving the hell outta their life. (I mean, why would we want anything else?)


I use to tell everyone my plans and dreams, and while there's nothing wrong with sharing your vision - I definitely didn't share it with the right people.

Do you have people in your corner who:

- acknowledge you for your gifts

- love the fuck outta you

- support your big, wild AF dreams

- are on hot pursuit of what they want too

- are optimistic and realistic

- look for the silver lining

And look, I'm not about the toxic positivity.

But I definitely believe that we should focus on what we want, the solutions, outcomes and results.

In 2008, I had a big vision to move from my small hometown in Washington to Southern California. I wanted to be in a bigger city, start a business, and get away from the conservative community I grew up in.

I knew that I'd be criticized and some people would try to change my mind. 


I kept my dreams, desires, and vision a secret for several months. I didn't tell a soul.

I made my first vision board and would look at it every morning while doing my hair and makeup before work.

I'd visualize and imagine what it would feel like to drive down highway 101 along the coastline. I pictured what it would be like to go to events in SoCal. I envisioned being my own boss, being creative and making my own money.


I did what felt really fucking good

Once I had sold most of my stuff, saved some money, and was feeling confident in my plan, I told my family and friends.

The doubts, fears, and criticisms that I expected from others came true, but at that point I WAS ALL IN ON MYSELF.

Unshakeable. Unwavering. Committed.

When I decided to pay attention to what I wanted and prioritized feeling good and doing what lit me up, I spent less time around negativity, criticism, and people and places that stressed me out. I started to thrive.

I cleaned up old patterns, faced some big ass fears and gave up old behaviors and ways of thinking.

The more I moved towards the things I was inspired by and things that made me feel good, the more creative I became. The more opportunities I was able to see. The more magnetic I felt. It was like shit just started happening for me.

The more liberated and free I felt, the more confident and comfortable I was with myself. And I'm a FIRM BELIEVER that that's the magic to attracting and getting what you want: being confident AF, in love with your vision, and willing to be open and flexible in the process of making it happen.

Here's the thing though - I did a lot of it on my own: the mindset, the work, and believing in myself.

And I'd love to join the group of manifestation chicks who are all about jUsT pIcTurE wHaT yOu wAnT aNd tRuST tHe uNiVeRse, but bitch you gotta get off your ass and take some action.

I know action can be scary as fuck. And it's not like you've got some reserve of courage you've known about but haven't tapped into (btw you DO have a reserve of it and I'll show you right where it's fucking at.)

It's possible for you to make your vision a reality on your own, but it's not easy.

I've DIY'd my own plans, visions, and dreams, but when you've got killer support and you FEEL the energy of someone who believes in you - bitch, you're going places and you're getting there a lot damn faster.


Tell me what you want...

I turn dreamers into fucking doers. 

You ready to get shit done?

I turn dreamers into fucking doers. 

You ready to get shit done?


჻ are empaths who are too scared to be themselves

჻ feel frustrated and dissatisfied with how things are going in their lives

჻ are ready to stop identifying with their excuses and instead use them as fuel on the fire

჻ want my eyes on their big ass vision

჻ want ongoing support and a new mindset

჻ want to be in my energy and transmission. The whole, "I want what she's having" kind of vibe

჻ don't share their ideas or dreams because they're afraid or don't feel safe, but their gut is saying, "Sarah would get it."

჻ feel insecure and lack confidence about their vision, but want real support and encouragement from someone who's been there and knows how to navigate the journey

჻ have been scared to ask for support, but know they need it (...and are ready for it lol duh)

჻ are so inspired and crazy in love with their vision but have kept it a secret from their loved ones because they fear judgement (which is normal by the way)

჻ want to feel really juicy and fully marinated in their vision so that when they announce it to the world, they're stead strong in the energy of it

჻ want to have fun, play, and go all in on themselves

real change happens when you have SOMEONE on your side TO HOLD THE SPACE FOR YOU

feel safe to dream, explore, play, and try new things

real change happens when you have

feel safe to dream, explore, play, and try new things

break the muthafuggin rules

It feels rebellious to question what you were taught and put yourself first, following your intuition and playing by your own rules.
Hint: your gut has been right this whole damn time.

You’re tired of being a 'good girl' and putting other people's dreams first, saying yes to shit you don't actually want to do, following the so-called rules, doing what's expected of you instead of what excites you.

Who you're becoming and what you're doing will have a positive ripple for the rest of your life. Your family, kids, friends, and community will reap the benefits of you answering the call to become the best version or you and do turn your vision into your reality. You're giving them the permission to do what they love.

That's not selfish, self-centered, or ego driven.

And look, I know you want to walk into a room and feel really damn confident. You wanna be so settled and comfortable with who you are, that you don't feel like you need to prove anything, talk yourself up, or show off. This all becomes possible when you let go of trying to be other people's version of the perfect you, and you start leaning more into what makes you come alive.

You want to be so fucking in love with who you are, your gifts, your strengths, your character, while also being able to laugh at the shit you're not good at because you're owning your lane in life, career, and health.

So, like, you ready to make your comeback?

After each session I feel more confident and more me.

- Leticia P.


You've given nearly every nano-second focusing on your kids and you've neglected yourself, your talents, abilities, career, and passion to go after what once meant a lot to you...


You haven't had a second to slow the fuck down, check in with your self, and map out the steps it will take for you to have what you want...

You feel robbed of the last decade because of a dysfunctional relationship that stripped you of your confidence, self-esteem, and left you confused about your worth and value....

First and foremost,
let me acknowledge you for the big ass difference you've made for the people in your life.

Damn, woman.


It might feel foreign to invest in yourself. It might even be an edge for you to have someone else pour into you. When's the last time someone acknowledged you, pointed out your strengths, and went over the top to recognize you for your gifts?

If that all feels foreign, bitch (and I mean that in the nicest way possible), it's your fucking turn.

Sarah's motivating, inspirational and insanely wise words catapulted me into my own belief that I can pull off my dream. 

When my idea was just that - an idea - Sarah made it come to life by already taking the time to help me create a vision board. I promise anyone reading this, that Sarah will make you feel more confident and capable of manifesting the shit that you want, than you've ever felt before.


Tell me what you want...