[POSITION CLOSED] Digital Marketing Content Manager (Virtual)


You'll be organizing raw, unedited photos and videos taken by our San Diego team and freelancers. You'll be selecting the best photos and videos from our weekly photography and video batches, editing them according to brand standards using the brand's Lightroom account, and organizing them into the appropriate folders and subfolders provided and scheduling them to online programs that have been assigned.


You've got design skills for days.

You understand the basics of photo editing and good design (rule of 3rds, lighting, contrast, touch-ups).

You have either some professional experience with graphic design or like to dabble. You enjoy combing over email layouts from your favorite brands, you ooh and aww at the color palette, font pairing, and catchy phrases. You'd love to work with a brand that does the same thing!

Great with time management.

You can't stand letting things fall through the cracks or dropping the ball! You ensure you have ample time to complete your work so you're not rushed and half-assing

Superior communication.

You're the type of person that if you're not going to meet a deadline, you message the team and ask for support if you need it. If you're waiting on something from a team member you proactively communicate and follow up until you get what you need.

You love working in your own flow and still like to occasionally work in collaboration with others.

The contracted work for the Digital Content Manager is to delete, edit, and organize photos and videos as they come in. This role is mostly solo work; just you, your cat, a cup of coffee, and your cozy PJ's late in the afternoon, or at 3AM because that's your perfect schedule. We don't care! Just as long as deadlines are met and the work is superb.

There will be times you'll work closely with the owner and/or marketing team on projects, or during pre-scheduled Zoom calls to go over marketing plans.

You're coachable.

You understand that feedback isn't personal, but it's to achieve the desired end result for the business. You're comfortable with feedback when things need improvement. Excuses and being defensive is not your style - you want to move forward with solutions.


Being an established eCommerce brand since 2013, we're firmly planted and growing and scaling!

We want team members who are excited to grow with us, move into more roles, take on further responsibilities, and contribute to our mission of empowering women! 

The ideal contractor for the Digital Content Management role will possess a positive and proactive attitude. He or she will love marketing, see ways of repurposing a single piece of content, and ideally will assume the role as an Integrator (See the book Rocket Fuel and it's free online resources to understand more about this.)


This is contracted and project based, dependent upon qualifications and previous related work. Please submit your proposal for hourly or project based (we prefer project based). Keep in mind we're open to entry-level applicants as well! Don't hesitate to apply.


The basics of this role currently take about 2-5 hours per week. The ideal candidate will be able to take on more work as they show an aptitude for other angles of marketing and repurposing content for blogs, emails, social media, and more.


Application process has been closed and position filled.