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Meet the Designer & Team

Sarah Foster

I'm Sarah Foster the founder, creative, and Chief Foul Mouth of BAD BAD.

I started this business on the floor of my living room in my beach-side 450 square foot apartment in Mission Beach, San Diego, California.

In two years I've added 2 part-time employees and several freelancers who help me with this amazing brand to inspire women around the globe to be their best, badass self. 




BAD BAD Jewelry Customer Service
BAD BAD's point person for all customer needs is Kianna. She lives in the midwest (originally from Phoenix). She’s a momma to a little one, with her and her husband expecting another this Fall!

She’s creative and loves to craft in her spare time. She and her hubby are big San Francisco 49ers fans and hope to one day make a trip to see them play and see California! They have two cats, Spencer and Chloe. 

I love to ask what people’s favorite hot drink is because it says a lot about a person. Hers? She’s always up for a good cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows!

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It was at an early age that I understood the power of words; as a teenager, simple phrases and the power of thought saved my life

Fast forward 15 years, I began making pieces for personal reminders and to go after my own dreams and goals. 

I wanted my jewelry to be simple and discreet, yet a powerful reminder that I could wear on my wrist.

Never one to enjoy working for someone else, I made and wore bracelets that read "fuck it" and "just fucking do it" to keep me confident and in a positive state of mind while at work. I just knew that one day I'd be working for myself. 

After my friends caught on to my creations, they wanted some for themselves. It was from that point my little business started to grow.

Now, here I am! This is my company and brand that started all from a tiny box of metal stamps I bought on a whim. 

I'm honored to be able to do this kind of work and hear from my customers how these tiny pieces crafted in my home studio have changed their lives. Thank you for all your support! 



I wanted to make everyday pieces that reminded me of my power and abilities as a woman and individual. My designs are an extension of the style I love: simple, timeless, and bold. It turns out other women like the same style I do.



I knew when I began stamping explicit language permanently into metal I wouldn't get any approval from my church-going, God-fearing mom and dad. (Hi Mom!)

But I followed my heart and went ahead with any design that inspired me. Always a risk taker, and a bit rebellious I decided that my bad jewelry should be called something that had a sense of rebellion but memorable: so I named my company "BAD BAD".

I'm happy to report that things have changed since I started this company. My parents have since embraced that this is the work I love to do. They understand how important it is for me to always encourage others to live with confidence and take risks. Also, it turns out that my mom is one of my best customers, and when at events and shows, she's always my top salesperson.

LESSON: if you have a dream and you fear how others will react, I can tell you it never feels good to be criticized or feel disapproval from others, but I promise it's always worth the work you put into it in the end, especially if you're following your heart and gut.

It works out. It always works out.


What one wears should be an expression and a reminder of who we are,

where we're going, and a bit of where we have been.

- Sarah Foster (yes, I just quoted myself)


The purpose of my work is to inspire and empower women to go after what they want. 

We all have the power inside us to stay focused, even when it seems difficult.

Women who push past fear and go after their dreams are powerful people. I want women to leave their legacy, period. 

I work with individuals who want to transform their mindset and use tools to turn their dreams into their real life. Find out more here.


 Sarah Foster

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BAD BAD's operations are based out of San Diego, California, and all items are handmade here, using materials sourced in the United States.