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30 Days of Kick Ass | A Get Shit Done Slash Self-love Kinda Workbook( Download)

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Make shit happen. This 76-page workbook is a kick-ass planner designed to make your day fucking fantastic or turn it around if it's gone to shit.

30 Days of Kick Ass is a workbook and daily checklist to help you take back your daily routine and get the important shit done so you can live your best life

Whether you’re feeling fired up or want to throw in the towel, this book was designed to generate momentum in your life and either spice up or help you create new daily routines.


✔ checklists
✔ writing & quick journal prompts for self-discovery
✔ self-care tips
✔ daily 5-star rating system to determine your day went
✔ over 30 inspirational quotes to keep you motivated
✔ a plethora of explicit language for the cussing (yet productive) badass
✔ unique hand-drawn illustrations by BAD BAD's owner Sarah Foster

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