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How to Embody #IDGAF Energy

Written by Sarah Foster / Chief Foul Mouth of Bad Bad

photo: Nicole Capri Creative


We all fear what others think: family, friends, old high school classmates, and that random girl who went to Sunday school with us who we haven't spoken to in years but we're friends with on social media. Absurd! But like what in the actual eff?

Why do we care?⁠ (Spoiler: it's how we're wired, ...but still.)⁠⠀

⁠The irony is that er'body has the same fears. So here we allllll are, on this rock hurtling through space, being run by our fears.


What if you became that woman who suddenly has the #IDGAF energy and you live and do whatever the hell you want?

What if you decided to not be run by your fears?

Shit, you might enjoy life and be, I don't know, happy?!

⁠Listen, we’re all guilty of this because we are all human. And hey, when your confidence has been rammed into the ground for years, it takes a badass woman a little bit more time to pick herself back up and operate from the #IDGAF energy.


We all have a fear of turning into a narcissist if we give fewer fucks. 

The truth is, you're a good-hearted, well-rounded, compassionate woman. You being fuck-free doesn't mean you'll be running stop signs, shoving elderly people aside because you want to get through the checkout line faster, or telling your boss they're a bag-of-dicks. 

Giving less to zero fucks doesn’t mean narcissism or recklessness is what your loved ones are going to believe you to be. It's called self-love and boundaries.


It means that you recognize that the petty, nonsensical thoughts (fears, doubts, hesitations, etc) are what you adopted as truth, and begin to realize they’re NOT actually true, like, at all. 

Who cares what Janet from Sunday school 20+ years ago thinks about you sharing a quote that has the F-bomb on it? 

 Cathy from high school is judging you for your weight gain ...AND WHO CARES? (Answer: not you.) 

The point is, you're playing small based on dumb fears. When you reach the end of your life, they're just worthless dribble anyway.

And sometimes, giving Zero Fucks starts with having zero fucks about wearing a necklace that says just that. 👇

Maybe you’re ready to give fewer fucks, but you’re not ready to say it with profanity.

Customize your own jewelry with a different phrase but the same #IDGAF energy. 

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