How to Choose Your Word of the Year

...this could change everything...

What’s all the buzz about a ‘word of the year’? Why the hell is it such a big deal? 

Depending on what word you choose it can do a lot for your focus, motivation, and mental well-being. For those who don’t do well with new years resolutions, a word of the year can be a powerful motivational tool.

Words are empowering, motivational, reminders, and a beacon of light for those who need help focusing.


You might just know your word. When you see or hear a word that lights a fire inside you that can’t be squelched by anything or anyone, you just struck gold. 

That’s your word of the year for 2021. But if that’s not the case for you, and your intuition is being a silent bitch, keep reading. 


You should never select a word that makes you feel like you’re lacking as a woman.

Steer clear of words that make you feel like you’re not good enough and that there’s something you need to strive for. 

For some, the word peace could be spot on, while others would rather choose something that makes them want to get up and kick some ass. There’s no right, wrong, or perfect word...


Don’t be afraid to pick the wrong word. There’s no such thing. 

If you have a tendency of wanting to do things right the first time, please let that shit go. 

If that is the case, you might consider choosing the word courage or risk if you have a tendency of being paralyzed by fear of not getting it right. Woman, start taking some fucking action. Just give shit a shot - you’ll bounce back from failure and/or embarrassment. You’re resilient AF. 



Give yourself permission to change your mind. It’s OK to try something on for a while and realize it doesn’t work for you. Have the courage to pick something and try it out. Then have the grace and understanding for yourself if you change your mind.


Pay attention to how your word(s) makes you feel. You’re not an idiot - you know that words have definitions. If a word means something different to you than Webster’s definition you can still go with it. 

To show you what we mean by words giving you certain feelings, we’ll use examples of a few words that some people love and some people hate for various reasons. 

⊳ authentic

⊳ hustle

⊳ moist

⊳ balance

⊳ literally

⊳ manifest

⊳ hope 

Weather or not you fall into the category of somebody who loves or hates any one of those words, it doesn’t matter, more than likely you resonated with some and not others. Did you experience a visceral feeling in a negative or positive way? Good. 

If you felt nothing, then you might be dead inside. If that’s the case, please seek professional help immediately.

Just to make sure, read them again and notice which ones excite you the most. 

Go ahead, read them again. 

If you re-read them before reading the sentence you should now be able to tell the difference between the feelings and sensations you get with certain words in contrast with others. 

Understanding the contrast between feeling good and not feeling good is key to choosing your word. In fact, it’s the most important element and indicator to choosing your 2021 word(s). 

Choose a word (or words) that summarize what you want to embody and be reminded of for 2021. Choose a word that excites you enough to have it be your word for 12 long ass motherfucking months. 

What’s your word? Comment below and see how it feels to commit to it.

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