You’re frothing at the mouth to make this year your bitch and finally turn a corner

doing what you love and making good money at it. 

By now, you’re familiar with the idea that mindset has been key for the bitches around you getting what they want. You’re ready to arm yourself with the right mindset for you. Not them. You.

Let’s make that shit happen.

How do you create a word or mantra for the 2020 year that you can fully embody in the next 12 months? Something you LIVE so much that there’s no longer a distinction between you and that mantra. You are one.


Get real with yourself: you have the attention span of a toddler.

You forget your goal weight; you forget that you picked up your phone to enter your menstrual cycle details & find yourself on Instagram 20 minutes later; you forget the idea that excited the shit out of you just before you fell off the mantra-wagon - despite promising yourself that you’ll remember this time. 

You forget shit. You’ll forget your 2020 word. Just like you already forgot your word for 2018.


So you lost your focus - what now?

First, step on the mother effin’ brakes. Pull a classic mom-card and turn this car right the fuck back around, so help me.

Train your toddler brain to not only remember your word, but believe it. Believe it’s possible. 

Believe in it to the point that you feel like you’ve swallowed the word like champagne and it’s being broken down into cells that will nourish your goddamn soul throughout the next 12 months, like a slow-drip IV. 

🍾 Drink it down, people. Champagne for the soul. 

Repeat your word as often as possible and during the activities that you do on autopilot

🛀 Showering, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, makeup, taking a dump, masturbating, driving, working out … you get the point - live that shit.  

Write your shit down and place it everywhere. 

 ✏ Sticky notes, a custom sticker pack, 3x5 cards taped to various surfaces - whatevs you want to use - just stick that shit everywhere like your business and dreams depend on it. Spoiler alert - they just might. 

Wear your word as a reminder.

💍 If you work in an office space, then you don’t have the privilege of having your own bathroom stall to stick your empowering reminders to (but I highly recommend it, if you can). If you don’t want to get it tattooed on your body, a great alternative is to wear your design (that’s why BAD BAD exists, duh). So get something custom made that makes you look like a classy, goal slayin’ bitch. 


We have so much happening throughout our day. We’re more distracted now that we have social media and multiple social media platforms. (Hello anxiety & feeling like we can’t keep up!) 

You know there are things that you need to do, whether it’s a work project or chores around the house. We have a lot to do, and to remember what we want to do in our businesses that aren’t our main priority, we need simple reminders that keep us on track. Focus is the guiding force that helps us through anything.  

If something does happen - because it will: your car breaks down, a family emergency - than obviously you need to deal with that. But being able to come back and get on track is key to getting shit done this year. Words create focus. 

👉Remember, because I know you already forgot, you have the brain of a toddler.  

So slap your reminder every-fucking-where and look at it. Let it inspire you. 


I’ve only trained once for a marathon, so I don’t have a treasure trove of expertise to share. Still, I’ll never forget the lesson I learned about my mind in the process of training for it (before I got bronchitis and had to stop all training). 

When I first started running, it took roughly 2 weeks for me to run a mile without wanting to pass out or quit. 

When you feel like your body weighs the same amount as a Mack truck and even a flat surface feels uphill, it takes some strong self-talk to push your body beyond the limits of your brain. 

Our bodies are capable of more than our minds allow. When you feel like giving up, most of the time you will.

But when you start saying shit like:

💪“You’ve got this, you badass bitch.”

🏃“Just think about how ripped you’re going to be when they see you in a few months.”

Or, if you’re of the more critical flavor:

🛋“Run, you fucking fatass. You sat on the couch long enough.”

Then you’ll find you’ve got a lot more in the tank than you thought you did. 

If you’ve ever talked yourself through something difficult, you learn that repeating a word or an idea is one powerful little antidote to the sense of laziness and self-defeat we all feel when facing discomfort. 


🏃‍♀️ Repeat your mantra like you’re in a marathon.

Repeat it while you’re running and being passed by other twats.

🖕🏻 Repeat it as you later run by those same twats and flip the bird. (They don’t have the mental fortitude you do, obvs.) 

🍪Repeat it as you toss your cookies all over yourself in the 13th mile. (It… might happen.)

🔜 Repeat it as you read the cute inspirational signs and quotes you see along the course.

🙌Repeat it as you see your friends and family praising you on.

🤳 Repeat it as you run by the crowd - as they all look at their phones and not giving two shits about your gruesome journey.

🏁Repeat it as you cross the finish line - fully fledged, arms up victory.

🏆 Relish in it as you chug your victory drink it let it drip all over your sweaty chest. You earned that mess.  


Your mantra should be your driver. It should be the energy that pushes you through the pain, discomfort, pleasure, puke, excitement, and finish line. Repeat it until you become it.

Repeat it until you’ve got cash-money sitting in your bank account because you crushed it in your biz. Just repeat it. 

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