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Alpha Female

with a Sigma Soul

Previews March 1st
(First Day of Women's History Month)

Drops March 4th!

Design Your Own Jewelry

Create a personalized, custom jewelry design. Choose a style, color, size, and your text!

I double dog dare you to break the rules, push past your fears, and believe you're capable of becoming exactly who you know you are: powerful AF.

Remind yourself with daily affirmation jewelry.



Do Epic Shit Coin Necklace

The reminder you need to get off your ass, be courageous, and leave your mark on this world. 

30 Days of KickAss

Inside this workbook are 30 daily prompts to help you get shit done and self-discovery journey.

Buy a digital copy and print it yourself!

Affirmation Bracelet

Customize it with your own word or phrase or have it read as pictured above: "here to fuck shit up"

I Am The Storm Bar Necklace

A powerful reminder that you're capable of rising above any situation, at any moment, and operating from your true inner power and strength.

Kick Ass Room Slay

Step up your aroma therapy game and blast your space with the sweet smell of motivation. Check out all my badass room slays. (Slays, not sprays.)


Customize it with your own power affirmation or favorite phrase to anchor and embody a new level of thinking.


When you're ready to up-level, your mindset matters.

I made this all for you, ya badass bitch.







Free Shit



Using high-quality materials each piece of jewelry is hand made. 

From hammering each individual letter into the metal, attaching the chains and clasps, to the moment the jewelry is packaged and slid into the shipping envelope, each order is handled with care.

Whether it's a one-off custom design or one of the limited products, I make in small batches.


is the minimum number of thoughts a woman has each day. And get this, 80% of them are negative.
you know what you're telling yourself?

take your power back

The last thing we need is women buckling under low-self esteem and shit-show moments. It's time we feel less shitty about ourselves and start to do something about the things we give a damn about.

Find your low-key secret weapon in jewelry.

5,000+ Sisterhood Strong

I've handmade thousands of designs and shipped them to women in over 21 countries. 

I've had the honor of working closely with and commissioning work for female athletes, authors, speakers, celebrities, and everyday bad ass women. 

It's my absolute honor knowing that my work has been delivered and worn by incredible, powerful, and encouraging women around the globe.

No Bullshit | Words from the Sisterhood

You've got a state-of-the-art bullshit detector. #RESPECT

As much as I kind and flowery words, a healthy level of skepticism is solid.
If you think wearing words isn't powerful, scroll through these:

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